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Almond Crunch Chocolate

Inspired by Ritter-Sport Honey Salt Almonds Bar, this 4 ingredient almond crunch chocolate is the perfect fix for that mid-afternoon chocolate fix, with under 5g of carbs per serve. Crunchy, salty, bitter and sweet, all in one. No cooking needed!


1 block 100g 90% Lindt dark chocolate (or dark chocolate of choice) 100g roasted unsalted almonds 15g honey (microwaved for a few seconds to make into a liquid, it will drizzle easier) Pinch or 2 of sea salt flakes

Melt chocolate in the microwave for a few minutes (make sure the bowl is microwave safe) Stir-through the almonds (watch your hands as the bowl will be hot) Spread onto a lined tray (line with baking paper) Drizzle with liquid honey and sprinkle with salt Refrigerate for a few hours (until it sets) Cut into 8 or any size you like to suit your macros :)