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White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX - Review

Now I'll preface this review by saying that I don't really like white chocolate… well at least I didn't – that is until I tried this White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX that my sister, Anna told me about. I've never been a big chocolate person, preferring more savoury flavours. If I was going to have some chocolate it would always be the super dark stuff, like the 92% Lindt – partly because of the flavour and partly because it's generally a lot lower carb (sugars) than the regular dairy milk stuff. This new White Choc Coconut Rough changes things for me though. I'll still have a place in my heart for Lindt 92% but if I'm after something a little sweeter, but still without the sugar hit, then this new sugar-free chocolate by VITAWERX really nails the craving without the guilt. Opening a block of Vitawerx White Choc Coconut Rough

So, how does it taste?

As I mentioned earlier, I was never really a white chocolate fan but this stuff is actually really really good. It doesn't taste noticeably "healthy" or have any funny aftertaste. The texture with the coconut is great, it has that nice little chewy-ness that you get with coconut and then the white chocolate melts in your mouth. There's no film or fatty feeling that you sometimes get on your tongue after eating white chocolate. Closeup of a row of Vitawerx White Choc Coconut Rough

So, what's in this White Choc Coconut Rough?

The ingredients for the White Choc Coconut Rough variation is as follows, but they're all very similar:
All pretty standard stuff for chocolate there! I'll be honest, I had to look up what ZINGIBEROCEOE was. It turns out it's an enzyme from the ginger plant which seems to just be for flavour or generically referred to as a "flavour improver". Emulsifier (322, 476) are Lecithin and Polyglycerol respectively are very common emulsifiers which are put into foods like chocolate bars and such to help stabilise the fat and the water component of food and prevent them from separating – basically keeping your chocolate smooth and creamy rather than gritty and oily. All good stuff there! VITAWERX Nutrition & Ingredients

Nutritionally speaking, how does White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX compare?

Pretty damn good!

It's important to go off the per 100g weight here as confectionary manufacturers are known for adjusting serve sizes down to make the numbers look better, or less bad. I'm thrilled to see VITAWERX have actually done the opposite here. Their 100g chocolate bar shows 2 serves, so 50g per serve which is pretty decent and probably reflective of how people would consume the product. Per 100g (2 serves) of White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX contains: ✅ Energy: 2098 kJ (501 Cal) ✅ Protein: 24.5g ✅ Fat: 30.4g ✅ Carbs (total): 8.4g ✅ – Sugars: 7.1g Compare that to 100g (4 serves) of "Generic White Chocolate Brand" you'll find in most supermarkets… Energy: 2310 kJ (552 Cal) Protein: 5.3g Fat: 32.1g Carbs (total): 60.6g – Sugars: 60.5g So the White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX has around the same energy as regular white chocolate, but has over 4 times the Protein and 7 times less Carbs!! That's pretty damn good.

Did it deliver on its promise?

It sure did. The chocolate was a huge hit here in The Protein Bread Co. office and the verdict was all pretty much the same – tasted better than expected white chocolate would. Whether you're a lover of white chocolate or not, you're sure to love the White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX. Crumbled up, this chocolate would make an absolutely delicious topping to our Protein Pancakes too. White chocolate low carb pancake heaven!

Sweet, so where can I buy White Choc Coconut Rough by VITAWERX?

I wasn't able to find it at any health food shops just yet. They are a pretty new company but they do have an Online Shop which is where I bought this stuff from. You can check out their online shop here:

The range of Vitawerx Sugar Free Chocolate

Have a product you want to see reviewed?

Let me know by commenting below! I'm always keen to see what you guys find and I love food :) Cheers, Luke

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