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Article: This 1 EASY technique made me so much happier overnight :)

This 1 EASY technique made me so much happier overnight :) - PBCo.

This 1 EASY technique made me so much happier overnight :)

I haven’t written a blog in a while but today I wanted to share with you a technique/philosophy that has really changed my life. You may have heard of the Japanese term Kaizen – it means constant improvement, everyday a little stronger, faster, wiser, more effective - to never stop growing and learning. Anthony Robbins also talks about this same philosophy – and calls it CANI – Constant and Neverending Improvement. Ray Kroc – the founder of McDonalds frequently used the phrase ”If you’re not green and growing, you’re ripe and rotting” implying that you are either moving forward or backwards in life – its impossible to stay in the same spot – mentally, spiritually or physically. This seems very straight forward – of course, don’t we all want to improve ourselves and better our results? However – how this is how it has really changed my life: Prior to this new thought process – I was so hard on myself to achieve “Perfection” everyday, and if I didn’t that’s when the negative self talk would start, telling myself I wasn’t good enough, had no will power, blah blah blah I’m sure you know what I mean! This is specifically this is what I did: Wrote a list of everything I thought I had to do daily to achieve “Perfection” and by perfection I mean knowing that I am the best version of myself as possible. These are some items from my OLD List:
  • Going for a run EVERY day
  • Drinking 3L water EVERY day
  • Walking on the beach at least 3 times per week
  • 25 Push ups EVERY day
  • Having my supergreens EVERY DAY
  • Making sure the house was perfectly clean and organized EVERY Sunday
  • Doing a face mask at least once a week
So many rules, and you can see how easy it would be to not achieve ALL of this ALL the time. The problem arises as soon as I missed just 1 thing then I told myself I was a failure, and spiraled down hill fast!! Obviously this sounds crazy but it’s just how it was. And the even more crazy thing is that if I missed 1 thing – I wouldn’t do any of the other things as I was too busy beating myself up!! Totally Crazy. Now I have taken this exact same list but removed all the references to frequency. This is my NEW List: Now, every time I am doing one of these activities (whether I’ve done it 7 times that week or not) I know that I am being healthier, stronger, wiser and generally already being the “perfect” version of myself. So now it’s about being rather than a Pass or Fail! This has taken so much pressure off AND at the same time helped me be more of the person I want to be each and every day. I love this quote as it highlights the fact that’s its all about the little things you do each day – Yes you gotta have big Dreams and big Goals but they are only the total of all the tiny decisions you make. “We become what we want to be, by being what we want to become” I hope sharing this can help a few people be a bit kinder to themselves X

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