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Article: The Running Fundamentals - Improver

The Running Fundamentals - Improver - PBCo.

The Running Fundamentals - Improver

An improver is someone who runs on a regular basis but would like some tips to improve their technique, efficiency and overall performance. ⬇ Download your running program HEREWatch The Protein Bread Co team demonstrate all the skills, across each level VIEW HERE A complete 3 week program (15 days) to help improve your running skills. Learn “to move as efficiently and effectively as possible” with our skill drills and workout plan. The skills you will be learning are:
  • Good posture is the key - To run efficiently it’s important to maintain a strong stable posture. The key components of good posture are head up, eyes forward and shoulders relaxed.
  • Putting gravity to work - Running is just controlled falling. Falling is caused by gravity. Gravity is free and constant, and when employed to our advantage, it can help us move faster and with as little effort as possible.
  • Aligned for efficiency - Create forward propulsion by employing larger muscle groups to do the work and reduce unnecessary effort in our legs. Drawing the heel up underneath us helps form the correct stride position whilst allowing gravity to pull us forward.
  • Our built in shock absorbers - Aim to keep your heel unweighted throughout the stride cycle. Landing on your heel puts undue stress on your body, focus on landing on the mid foot.
  • Cadence & putting it all together - Focusing on all skills we covered previously lastly let’s improve your speed by increasing your stride turn over or reducing the contact time between your feet and the ground.

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The Running Fundamentals - First Timer - PBCo.

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