Anna shares one mindset shift that will help you love running….

“Nothing in life has a meaning apart from the one that we give it”. At first it’s a little hard to comprehend as we grow up, that we constantly form meanings about things that happen to us. Someone says something or does something to you that you don’t like – and you create a meaning – “They don’t like me”, “They don’t think I am good enough”, “If I was …. then that wouldn’t have happened”. We tell ourselves stories ALL THE TIME! In actual fact, that person that said something to you, that you interpreted as meaning that you weren’t good enough, they could have had the most horrendous day ever and just snapped. They might not have meant it at all. A great example of how this relates to our own bodies, health and happiness is my experience with running. As long as I’ve remembered, I’ve disliked running. I did it anyway, and I liked the feeling afterwards, but the preparation, getting ready, and the actual running I really disliked. The thought of it made me feel heavy, down and negative. One day running along, I tuned in to what I was saying to myself….. “If you were skinny you wouldn’t have to run” and for the first time, it occurred to me the reason I so strongly disliked running. Because the whole time I had this negative story running in the back on my mind basically saying I was fat and running was my punishment for that. Once I was aware of this, I simply created a new story for myself. I changed the meaning of why I was running to be “I am running because I love feeling stronger each run I do, and the feeling of fresh air filling my lungs and cleansing my body” and just like that, with a change in perspective, I cured my “dislike” of running. When you are in any situation, and you feel your attitude or energy drop – think about specifically what you just said to yourself, then create a better story or meaning that would make you a lot happier! Anna Hopkins - Co-Founder - The Protein Bread Co

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