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Article: Making healthier choices for fat loss, featuring Siobhan!

Making healthier choices for fat loss, featuring Siobhan! - PBCo.

Making healthier choices for fat loss, featuring Siobhan!

Here at The Protein Bread Co. we've always developed our range (and our company culture) on the ideals of creating healthier choices for anyone working towards his or her goals, hence our tagline; "Powering a better you". So when we come across someone who enjoys our products and also shares these same values we get really excited. Especially when it's someone like Siobhan, who on her incredible journey to weight loss has already dropped a staggering 34 kgs!! She was able to achieve such incredible results by following a structured workout plan and sticking to a diet of high protein and low carbs for healthy fat loss. Siobhan is now an active health advocate, inspiring and educating people about her journey. She was nice enough to take some time out of her day to share a little of her story...

What it takes to achieve a healthier you

High Protein & Low Carb for fat loss

So Siobhan, tell us a little about yourself

"I'm a wife, mother and reformed couch potato. Over the course of 2016 I set out to change my lifestyle and build healthy habits, losing 34kgs in the process. I am now the healthiest and fittest I have ever been!"

What started you on your journey to a healthier you?

"In December 2015, my family attended a Christmas function and I was tagged in a photo. I was horrified by what I had done to myself. I looked drained, pale and generally unhealthy and very overweight."

How important is protein and carbohydrate intake to your progress?

"These elements play a vital role in my progress. Protein especially is important in my diet for muscle repair and growth. I tend to limit carbs but still include them for energy and balance."

Which Protein Bread Co products have you been enjoying so far?

"I use ALL the products!! My husband and I particularly love the pizza base topped with fresh spiralized veggies and a honey mustard dressing. One of my favourites is topping the pancakes with caramelised bananas, a drizzle of maple syrup and crushed walnuts." Siobhan's journey instagram photos

What simple advice would you have for anyone looking to start a weight loss journey too?

"Set small weekly goals and focus on those instead of focusing on the ultimate end goal. This makes everything seem far less daunting than focusing on that ultimate end goal. "You don't need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" If you’d like to learn more about Siobhan we recommend following her on social media, truly inspiring! If you have a transformation story, we'd love to hear it! Be sure to send our team a message on Facebook or send our Community Manager Matthew and email at or comment below...

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