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Article: 5 Tips for a Low Carb Buffet Breakfast

5 Tips for a Low Carb Buffet Breakfast - PBCo.

5 Tips for a Low Carb Buffet Breakfast

I have always loved a good hotel buffet breakfast, but it can be hard to control yourself with all that delicious food laid out in front of you.

With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast guilt-free.

Here are my 5 tips that will help you make a buffet breakfast low carb:

1) Exercise before breakfast

Most hotels will have a gym, so you can head down for a quick session before hitting the buffet.

If you’re not a fan of the gym (like me) a fast power walk or run is always another great option - even a quick 15-minute session is enough to kick-start your metabolism and start burning that fat.

If the weather's no good, or outdoors isn't an option, a quick 20 push-ups, 20 squats, and 20 crunches in your room will also do wonders.

2) Have a herbal tea first

They usually have a great selection at the buffet. I like to sip on tea throughout my brekkie to fill me up a bit more and hydrate me.

Avoid ALL fruit juices, they're pretty much just sugar.

Stick to tea, coffee or water.

3) Eggs are Best

Avoid anything that is pre-made like muesli or bircher muesli. This way you know precisely what you are eating. Who knows how much sugar and carbs is packed in those pre-made cereals and granolas.

Eggs are always your best option at the buffet. Especially poached as you know 100% what is in it! They can't hide anything. Most buffets also now make egg white omelettes which are a super high protein + low carb option.

The best accompaniments for your eggs are spinach, tomato, bacon or ham. Avoid the sausages because these are often filled with wheat and gluten to bind them which are high in carbs.

A good tip is to go and suss out what is on offer first (without lining up with a plate), a quick 'window shop' means you can see what areas to go for, and what areas to avoid.

4) Go for colour

Beige is bad!!! Avoid the beige (Hashbrowns, Toast, Baked muffins or croissants etc)

Fill your plate with as much colour as possible.

Veggies - especially green, tomatoes, any salad ingredients and any other bright nutritious foods.

5) Eat slowly and savour the flavours

Buffet breakfast should be enjoyed.

It shouldn't make you feel bad. By eating slowly you can give yourself more time to enjoy every single mouthful.

Put your cutlery down between mouthfuls and sip on your tea.

Think about how your breakfast is fuelling your body for a great day – whether you're on holiday or at home.

Knowing that you started the day with an enjoyable, colourful breakfast to nurture your body should make you feel happy and great about yourself.

If you found this article useful head to –Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen and follow my page.

You can also share with any friends that may find this information useful as well.


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