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5 Low Carb Foods You Can Buy on the Go

Whether it’s 3pm and you’re doing the afternoon snack run, you’ve stopped at a petrol station to re-fuel yourself and your car or you’re in the city and you’re hungry - the supermarket/shop can be very dangerous, especially on an empty stomach. With aisles filled with tasty and tempting treats, or the opposite, limited shelves with little choice; it’s good to have an idea of what you’re searching for before you go in. There are many low carb foods that you can pick up to eat on go, here are my top 5 picks in order of highest to lowest carbs.

5. Fruits & Berries

One of the easiest foods to find in most shopping locations is a piece of fruit. Fruit is relatively low in carbs (dependent on the type), reasonably priced and is satisfying. Check out our Top 20 Low Carbs fruit list for the list of the lowest carb fruits to choose. Avoid bananas if you are counting the carbs as these are carb heavy (around 27g in a medium banana). Bananas are also a very starchy fruit which will impact your blood sugar levels too. Apples or Berries tend to be relatively easy to get hold of and can be a safe bet.

4. Chobani Greek Yoghurt

Greek/Greek style yoghurts have a healthy dose of protein and a nice creamy texture helping you to feel satisfied but are also low in carbs. Available in most supermarkets, Chobani yoghurts have around 6g carbs per pot and the plain variety is low in sugar too (4g in a small pot of Greek yoghurt ‘non-fat’ variety). If you need to add toppings onto the yoghurt, try nuts but avoid oats and granola as these will increase the carb content. Don’t forget to grab your plastic spoon too if you’re eating on the go, although, Chobani also now do handy yoghurt pouches in a number of different flavours so no spoon – no problem!

3. Carrot Batons

If the store has a fresh section, carrot batons are a safe option. Pre-cut into sticks or batons, carrots are easy to graze on and are relatively low in carbs (roughly 8g in 100g serving). Now packaged in mini snack bags, you could even grab yourself a low carb dip like guacamole.

2. Olives

Olives are becoming easier to find and are in convenient packets/tubs on many supermarket shelves so you don’t have to worry about carrying a large glass jar around. If you choose black olives (kalamata or pimento are best in terms of low carb), they only contain around 1g carbs.

1. Nuts

Super convenient now that the major supermarkets have the 'Scoop & Weigh' section. You can find a great mix of raw, roasted, salted and trail mixes and they have the nutritional panels to help you pick one that suits your needs. Buy what you need for that snack. Tip: You can also re-use the bag for next time.