5 Foods High in Protein

It’s easy to overlook every day foods that actually are significantly high in protein and can provide our bodies with more fuel than we might at first think. There are many reasons why foods high in protein are good, namely because they keep us fuller for longer, they help us to achieve our goals in the gym which can’t be done by lifting weights alone and they also help us to function properly on a day to day basis. There are many varying recommendations for how much protein each person should eat on a daily basis. Experts suggest that for every pound of your body weight, you should be eating between 0.5g – 1g of protein. If you are very active, aim towards the 1g of protein per pound, and if you are less active, aim towards the lower end. So what are the best foods to get your protein in? Here is a list of 5 foods high in protein:

Protein Bread co. Pizza – 50g per 12 inch pizza base

A 12 inch pizza from the Protein Bread Co contains a whopping 50g protein and is suitable for those gluten free and vegetarian too. Load them up with high protein toppings and you’ll be sure to hit your daily protein goal. If you need inspiration click here. The pizzas have been described as being “a beautiful thin savoury base with a slight nutty taste and a hint of garlic and fresh herbs” and as “the perfect canvas for your favourite pizza toppings.” We hope you’ll agree!

Salmon – 39g per 100g serving

Salmon is a great option for dinner, especially if you have had an evening work out. 100g of salmon has around 2000mg of omega 3 which has been proven to make recovery from training easier. Salmon also has over your daily recommended intake of vitamins B6 and B12 – winner! Smoked salmon also has a good amount of protein in if you prefer eating this variety – there is around 18g per 100g serving. Enjoy smoked salmon with cottage cheese on top of your toasted Protein Bread Co. bread for a high protein breakfast.

Chicken Breast – 34g per 100g serving

Probably the most obvious on the list, but nevertheless still a food which is packed with high amounts of protein. Although obvious, chicken breast doesn’t have to be boring and bland, so mix it up. Click here for our top 5 chicken recipes. Remember too, you can cook your chicken in strips, turn it into pulled chicken or even have it in mince form to make burgers. Get creative!

Shrimp/ Prawn – 25g per 100g serving

It’s hard to think of little shrimps being high in protein, but they contain considerable amounts, and are low in calories too. Shrimp contains all the essential amino acids required for maintaining health too, so are a good all-round option for your dinner plate. If you’re wondering, like me, what the difference is between shrimps and prawns – it’s down to their biology. A fun fact: shrimps have different gills and carry their eggs outside of their bodies, whereas prawns carry their eggs inside their bodies.

Pork Tenderloin – 27g per 100g serving

Often overlooked, pork tenderloins have a great amount of protein and are a very affordable cut of meat. Typically thought of as a white meat, they are actually a red meat! As a general rule, cuts from the loin, including tenderloin and pork loin are the lower fat/leaner cuts of meat, higher in protein. Not requiring too much fuss, you can easily jazz up a tenderloin with some good seasoning (paprika and cayenne pepper are my favourites) and then decide whether to roast / grill or stew
In conclusion, there are so many foods high in protein that mean eating high protein meals can be interesting and varied. Why not give our Protein pancakes a try too which have 29.1g of protein in per serving!