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Article: Best Keto Diet Apps and Trackers

Best Keto Diet Apps and Trackers - PBCo.

Best Keto Diet Apps and Trackers

For any diet or lifestyle choice, apps and trackers can be a great tool to help keep us on track and to also help monitor our progress and portion control. Apps are constantly developing and it always surprises me as to how advanced and precise they can be. They can enable us each day to see exactly what we’re putting into our bodies, how much of it were putting into our bodies and what the macronutrients are! It’s probably not be something you’re going to use every day for the rest of your life but it can be a short term choice to help give you an understanding of the foods you’re eating. You may be wondering exactly what apps I am referring to, and how they can help you when on a Keto diet. Here’s a selection of my personal favourites:

My Fitness Pal

It has to be said – this is probably the best app out there to track general macros. It works when you scan an item of food using the packet’s barcode, or inputting the brand/name of food into the search function. You then input the quantity of this food that you have had and it gives you a breakdown of the percentage carbs, protein and fat in the food. You can set your macronutrients too and how much of each you should be having. Tracking your food on a Keto Diet will help to tell you if a food is high in fat, and low in carbs. The database of food on this app is absolutely massive and only once or twice have I eaten a food not on the database. It’s a great education tool too and one I would recommend for any kind of diet.

KetoDiet App

The Keto Diet app is built specifically for those on the Keto Diet and has hundreds of Keto Diet recipes which are regularly updated so that you don’t get bored. You can then log the meals easily and you can keep on top of macros. It also gives you a great guide to all things Keto which is easy to understand and digest.

Carb Manager Low Carb Diet Tracker

This app is perfect for those on a Keto Diet or general low carb diet. The app helps you count the carb content of the food you’re eating, it also provides you with meal plans, helps you to scan food barcodes and provides low carb recipes to keep you motivated. My favourite feature is the feature that allows you to take a picture of your food on the app and the app then automatically recognises what the food is and provides you with nutritional information.

Total Keto Diet

This app is a great resource and acts as a one stop shop for all things Keto Diet. It provides lots of different articles and information on the Keto Diet along with recipes and you can even share your own recipes with other users. The app is continuously changing and they are hoping to add a macronutrient feature soon. I’d definitely recommend this app for its information hub though. In conclusion, all of the above apps are great resources for those on a Keto Diet, but also those looking to monitor their carb intake and watch their macros. The app for you depends on what you’re looking for: be it macronutrient tracking or information. Whatever your goal, tracking your macros and food intake can be quite interesting and very eye opening!

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