Joanne Salerno

You guys will know me as the Community Manager of the PBCo. social pages and customer service. I love helping people learn how to navigate through this food-crazed world by offering tips and tricks relating to low carb food and lifestyle. I believe this is the key to living a long, healthy, enjoyable life!

Outside of work, you will find me in the gym most afternoons, walking around the inner west checking out cool street art, checking out hidden quirky cocktail bars, in the library (#nerd) studying French and up-skilling my weight loss coaching and anywhere in the sunshine!

How I got started with low carb

I started low carb 10+ years ago (ok, now, I feel old) Initially used it for weight loss, I lost 56 kilo’s eating this way then over time it just became how i have maintained my weight. Having maintained my weight for 10 years, I know it definitely works for me.

These days, I eat low carb 90% of the time, and that 10 % is to keep me sane (sourdough at brunch, mum’s pasta and the odd cocktail need to fit somewhere, right?)

Why I love low carb

It’s easy and I get to eat what I love most!

For weight loss i found it easier than counting calories ( I did calorie count at the start of my weight loss) but noticed that i naturally ate low carb, so it was an easy switch.

These days, same reasons. It’s so easy and I love big salads (queue Elaine) and veggies, and meats etc. I’m not super low carb, I sit anywhere between 30-80g carbs per day, just depends on what i am doing, if I am training etc.

My favourite PBCo. product

6 Seed Bread Mix and Low Carb Sunflower and Linseed loaf

One of the things I really missed when I switched to low carb eating was bread and crackers. Our products were not around back then, so I simply went without. Simple pleasures like Peanut Butter on toast that actually is filling, or crackers added to an antipasto platter on a Saturday night with friends. When sliced super super thin and toasted, the Sunflower and linseed loaf makes awesome crackers!!

Protein Pancakes and Low Carb Pancake Mixes

I never really ate Pancakes until I worked here. I avoided the traditional versions of these foods, high carb and high sugar for breakfast always seemed crazy to me. What i love about our Pancakes is I have more flexibility in my eating. I don’t have to have eggs every morning, which is a nice change and Pancake Dinners! when you don’t feel like another chicken salad!

Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix

Cakes were other foods I simply avoided during weight loss and I wasn’t a big sweet tooth before either. I went overseas last year and enjoyed a few lemon cakes that I never would have even tried 10 + years ago. As soon as I came back I tried to create a low carb version of them, so I could enjoy a little cake every now and then.

What inspires me to do what I do…

Prior to working at PBCo. I was a weight loss coach for 7 years, and I am still extremely passionate about helping people with their weight loss goals, feel their best and help them live happy healthy lives.

Our community. I am lucky enough to receive emails from customers who share their stories with us. We hear from parents of type 1 diabetic kids, who because of our products feel like they can enjoy “treats” like other kids, people who are starting their weight loss journey’s and are finding that our products help them enjoy fun foods in a new way, or Fitness competitors that use our products for “treats that fits their macros” and Bariatric patients who are able to enjoy healthy treats that help them reach their protein targets. I am often moved by the stories that are shared with us.

Lastly, the team. We are a small, but passionate group of people who genuinely care about each other, our community and the products we offer.

Why it matters? – Waking up with a purpose each day and working towards that with people you care about, is pretty f**king awesome! (Luke you can take that out if not appropriate, but I was excited about it) [Luke: Left it in. #sorrynotsorry] lol.

Jo x 🤓

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