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PBCo. is a family owned Australian business that was founded by Anna Hopkins back in 2012, with the dream of creating healthy, low carb foods that people love. After going low carb herself and experiencing all the benefits from more energy, a clearer mind, and slimmer body, Anna wanted to spread the low carb word, and help others feel their best too!

Moving forward in 2019

We believe more than ever in the power of food to change lives. We know how good we feel when we eat our best and that drives us to make low carb foods that people can eat, and enjoy everyday to feel their best.

So…. Pizza……

We love pizza as well. Lots of pizza. Who doesn’t? 

Let me give you a little bit of insight about our business. We make dry mixes. Lots of them. We even closed down our bakery at the end of 2017 to focus on dry mixes and stopped baking our own Protein Bread (where PBCo originally started). Even though someone else makes the pizza’s for us, we’ve still been managing the distribution, which has presented some challenges.

Our business is heavily geared towards dry mixes (with a 12 month shelf life). Only a small portion of the business is ready made pizza bases (with a 14 day shelf life). We don’t use preservatives and other nasties in our products (which would have given the base a 30 day shelf life and made our life so much easier but it’s just not us.)

Low Carb Pizza Bases

Managing the ready made pizza significantly increased the complexity of the logistics side of our business, driving our team a bit insane and meaning that too often we were not delivering the absolute best experience to you.

As they say, it all comes down to the 80/20 rule. And the ready made pizza base was one of the things in our business that was letting us down. So we needed to make a few changes.

We wanted to give ready-made pizza our best shot, and we have, but we also recognise that we cannot be good at everything!!  We’re currently looking for partners who see the potential  in our Low Carb Pizza Base and who would be interested in taking this product into a retail or food service environment.

We’ll also be launching this pizza base as a retail mix in mid 2020.

You’re probably reading this wondering if this alone is enough of a reason to delete a product that you love?….

Let me peel back the curtain a little bit and fill you in on a small portion of some of the decisions we are making and what that means for you.

  • We have over 40 new products coming in the next 6 months – yep, we’ve been really busy with R&D and are super excited to be able to share all the low carb, sugar free and protein products that we’ve been working on!
  • Traditional tasting, not Gluten Free – but still low carb. All the favourites that you love with a traditional taste and flavour, we’re moving away from solely gluten free products. We know that many people want low carb, but may not necessarily need gluten free at the same time.  We’re in the process of expanding our current facilities to include a new separate production line for non Gluten Free products. (our current products will remain and be fully certified Gluten Free) 
PBCo. Production Facility
  • Ramped up production capabilities – It’s exciting to think that only five years ago, we were hand mixing 30kg batches. In 2020, we will be mixing over 30 tonnes per week from our upgraded facility with further expansion on the cards. Watch this space 🙂
  • More simple low carb resources & support to help you (and your loved ones) feel your best, or even get started on a low carb journey.

We’re learning a lot, making a lot of mistakes and have made a lot of changes in the business over the last 6 months. All these changes & challenges have helped us focus in on what we truly want to do – Provide low carb foods so delicious that you enjoy now, and so healthy you feel amazing later!

Feel free to reply if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.



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