Check out our favourite low carb morning teat treats! Our Simply Low Carb Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcake mixes make beautiful and moist cakes as they are and they are perfect for your next morning or high tea event. However, if you are after cakes and treats that are that little bit EXTRA special, check out our list.

βœ… The delicious treats are low carb and delicious. They range between 2g-6g carbs per serve.



pikelets with jam and cream low carb morning tea

Pikelets with Chia Berry Jam and Cream

These pikelets are SUPER easy to make, simply pop together our Simply Low Carb Pancakes and make them smaller! Our Low Carb Chia Jam recipe is another favourite and you can switch the berries to your favourite. Tip: add some vanilla bean paste to your cream before whipping. 😍



lemon syrup cakes low carb morning tea

Lemon Syrup Cakes

These Luscious Lemon Syrup Cakes are simply divine! Super citrusy and delicate in texture.



orange, almond and chia cakes

Orange, Almond and Chia Cakes

These Orange and Almond cakes remind me of an Orange and Poppyseed Muffin crossed with an Orange Friand. Beautiful in flavour and texture. This is also a dairy-free recipe.



Raspberry Jam coconut slice

Raspberry Jam Coconut Slice

Give your guests a little treat that takes them back to their childhood. Raspberry Jam Coconut Slice!! A childhood favourite of many. It’s soo good, you would think that its low carb!



apple and cinnamon tea cake

Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake

This classic Apple and Cinnamon Teacake has the extra goodness of walnuts. Serve with or without cream, it’s perfect either way.



choc mint slice

Choc Mint Slice

A low carb spin on a classic Aussie biscuit, the Mint Slice. A BIG hit for those who LOVE this flavour combo!



mocha cupcakes

Mocha Cupcakes

A MUST for any coffee and chocolate lover! These cupcakes are super indulgent. You can choose to use the Vanilla or the Chocolate Cupcake Mix as the base.



brownie bites low carb morning tea

Brownie Bites

Our Low Carb Brownies recipe is one of our FAVOURITES! Simply cut into smaller ‘bite-sized’ portions and top with cream and berries. Perfect as they are, but look great with a little something extra!



blackberry and coconut cakes low carb morning tea

Blackberry and Coconut Cakes

The flavour combination of blackberries and coconut make these delicate little cakes perfect for a special occasion.



Lemon Tart

This low carb lemon tart is a light and tangy refreshing dessert. A timeless classic made low carb and sugar-free so we don’t have to miss out.

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Let us know which one – or ones – you try for your next event and which are your favourites! We’d love to see your creations on social, so don’t forget to tag us over on Instagram and Facebook.Β 

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