We’re incredibly excited to announce today the launch of our new logo and brand, PBCo.

More than just a fresh new logo and colour scheme, this rebrand represents an evolution, a convergence of two brands, and a big vision for the future with exciting new directions for our products.





Why the new brand?

From its humble origins in a little cafe in Darlinghurst, Sydney, The Protein Bread Company has grown, it’s evolved, and it’s expanded to now help hundreds of thousands of people around Australia, New Zealand, and The United States.

Our vision has always been to be to provide better, healthier versions of everyone’s favourite foods. Although this journey started with the humble loaf of bread, over the past 8 years it’s grown and developed to be so much more to so many people…

Our range of nutritionally superior products support healthy active lifestyles, like our Protein Pancakes enjoyed for breakfast by thousands of people each day, to our new Low Carb Crumb, designed to bring a healthy enjoyment to your Friday nights with friends and family.

The Protein Bread Company name has served us well. It positively reflected who we were as a company when we first started, however the ship that has helped us get to where we are today, isn’t necessarily the best ship to take us where we’re going.

For where we’re going, we wanted a name which reflects the energetic, fun, focused, and vibrant vision we have for healthy food, a healthy active lifestyle, and a healthy active world.

You can read the full story over in this article “Why we’ve changed our name from The Protein Bread Company to PBCo.”


We believe healthy living should be fun.

Healthy living doesn’t mean “missing out”. It’s not about starving yourself, it’s not about yo-yo dieting or guzzling skinny tea after a big weekend. Healthy living is about making better choices for you and your family. It’s about enjoying healthier versions of the food you love!

It’s about having fun with the food you eat. Enjoying it. Celebrating it. Sharing it. We recognise it can all get a bit confusing sometimes, so we’re here to help. If you love food, and you love being healthy, you’ll love PBCo.


Life is busy. We feel it too.

We’re incredibly excited about the launch of our next new product, set to be available late March, early April. This incredible new product is an absolute game-changer for quick, healthy and delicious dinners.

Life seems to be moving faster and faster and we know when you get home from work, trying to make a quick healthy dinner that the whole family will love, can be quite the challenge!

Our new products will help make that even easier for you. This first new product launching in April really sets the tone for our products moving forward. It’s about making living a healthy lifestyle easier, giving you more time to do the things you really enjoy.


Top quality ingredients – no hidden nasties.

As we’ve done with every product we’ve made since we started back in 2010, we always start with the best quality ingredients, sourced from Aussie farmers first.

Instead of starting with cheap wheat flour and trying to add nutrition to it, we start with top quality meals and flours that are by nature, nutritious. These are made from ground natural whole seeds and nuts so you get all of the fibre, all of the good fats, natural proteins and a tonne of micronutrients.

This food philosophy of starting with the very best has nurtured hundreds of thousands of happy bodies over the years and millions more to come. It’s one of our core values and something which we live and breath at PBCo.


A new look and feel for The Protein Bread Company, now PBCo.

Over the next couple of months, you’re going to see our much-loved hexagon logo and branding being replaced with our new more simple, clean and vibrant branding.

It’s starting with a few minor changes to our website and social media today, and over the next couple of months, you’ll see some really big exciting new things on our website, in our social media, and on our product packaging.

Commencing in March, you’ll start to see our new PBCo. branded packaging appearing. This changeover won’t happen for all our products overnight. We’re managing the changeover across a couple of months to avoid any unnecessary wastage of packaging.


Anna's Low Carb Kitchen Chocolate Cupcake Mix

Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen is joining PBCo.

As some of you will know, Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen is headed up by Anna Hopkins, Co-founder of The Protein Bread Co.

Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen has delighted tens of thousands of people with its incredibly delicious range of sugar-free, low carb cupcakes, pancakes, and more, as well as providing a tonne of helpful information on living low carb.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen will be joining PBCo. The products will be sitting proudly in a new range called Simply Low Carb – the same great products, with a few little recipe upgrades!


Stay tuned for more updates

There’s so much more to come over the next couple of months and we absolutely can’t wait to share it with you, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to our blog to stay in touch with the latest in healthy living made fun.

Love Food. Love PBCo.

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Luke Hopkins
An avid barefoot trail runner, explorer, creator, and keen learner. I'm incredibly humbled by everyone who's helped The Protein Bread Co. to grow to where it is today – actively supporting our mission to help 5M Australians and 20M people globally to live fitter, healthier and happier lives. You can reach out to me via Twitter or Instagram @thelowcarbgiant, Facebook @lukehopkins, or shoot me an email at luke@lovepbco.com

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