Coconut Cream is such a great ingredient for all baking and cooking, especially for Low Carb Living.

It’s such a beautiful creamy taste that works well in curries, cakes and desserts.

My love for coconut cream inspired me to look closer at some of the common supermarket brands and try to find the best low carb coconut cream.

Our criteria – 75% + of coconut and 5g carbs or less per 100ml

This is our Top Pick!



Coconut kernel extract (100%)

Carbs per 100ml: 4g


I was SO happy to find this brand that is 100% coconut! Finally.

Massive difference in consistency with this one – was slightly separated when opened can, but that’s to be expected with no emulsifiers and nothing that a good shake won’t fix next time!

Congrats to Ayam for making this pure, clean and scrummy product.


Coconut milk (80%), water, thickeners, emulsifier.

Carbs per 100ml: 0.6g


  • Slightly better than option TCC at 80% actual Coconut. Similar taste to option TCC.
  • Obviously the cheapest option so the fact it has a higher % of coconut than the more expensive brand is a positive.

Woolworths Coconut Cream


Coconut extract (78%) and water

Carbs per 100ml: 2g


  • A good supermarket brand option.

Asia Specialties – Coconut Cream


Coconut extract (75%) and water

Carbs per 100ml: 2.5g


  • Aldi product that has a great ingredients list 🙂

Coles Coconut Cream

Coconut extract (75%), water, thickeners, emulsifier.

Carbs per 100ml: 4.3g


  • Even though the carbs are slightly higher, they also had 75% coconut extract.
  • Good for a supermarket brand.

Topwil Organic Coconut Cream 

Organic Coconut kernel extract 75% and water

Carbs per 100ml: 5g


  • This one is the highest in carbs, but also has 75% coconut extract.
  • No other ingredients just coconut and water

Updated April 2018

**Please note information was accurate at the time of collecting. If changes are made to the brand (packaging or nutrition) within our updates, please refer to their website. Changes may occur regarding their availability, please check with your local supermarket for more info.

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