We believe Low Carb Recipes should be Easy, Enjoyable & Economical! Simple ingredients with simple instructions to create delicious low carb versions of all your favourite foods! That's the PBCo Recipe Promise.

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Low Carb Lunch Recipes

Lunch….you either love lunch or you don’t. It’s often that meal which is skipped over or put in the too hard basket! Let us take the sting out lunch prep and come with us to explore our low carb lunch recipes.

Protein16g Fat8g Carbs2g

Low Carb, High Protein Croutons

A great way to add a Protein punch to your favourite salad! You can whip these up in a few minutes and enjoy the familiar...

Protein2g Fat3g Carbs2g

60-second Keto Satay Sauce

60-second Keto Satay Sauce. - made in a mug in the microwave 😱 Super quick and tasty. Simply pour on top of your favourite low...

Protein25g Fat8g Carbs2g

Low Carb Nachos

Emilie from Original Bootcamp has given us an amazing recipe to make low carb nachos using the Protein Pizza Base without the guilt!

Protein15g Fat16g Carbs3g

2-minute Scrambled Eggs

Who doesn't love scrambled eggs on toast? The great news is you can easily make these 2-minute scrambled eggs at home or in the office,...

Protein45g Fat19g Carbs18g

Low Carb Fish 'n' Chip Pizza

The latest of our ??  Kiwi Inspired recipes to celebrate the launch of our products in New Zealand… Impress your mates across the ditch with...

Protein62g Fat25g Carbs10g

Low Carb Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza

Enjoy pepperoni pizza without the carb coma with this awesome recipe using our new Protein Pizza Base mix. One serve (1/2 a pizza) of this...

Protein50g Fat20g Carbs13g

BBQ Chicken Protein Pizza

Mmm low carb, high protein BBQ chicken pizza. Enough said. You can freeze the bases then whip one out of the freezer for a quick...

Protein19g Fat19.2g Carbs1.7g

Cheesy Garlic Pizza Squares

Who doesn't love a cheesy garlic pizza?! This version has just 1.3g of carbs per 100g (that's 97% less than the Crust equivalent!*) Ours is super easy to make,...

Protein10g Fat2g Carbs2g

Natalie’s Low Carb Burger Bun

Recipe courtesy of the creative Natalie...check out her Instagram or Snapchat @nat_hax “Fit Burger Time! Made this epic burger stack with the Protein Bread Mix....

Protein25g Fat14.9g Carbs3.1g

Low Carb Pizza Base

On the hunt for a delicious, healthy low carb pizza base recipe? Then look no further! Enjoy your guilt free, low carb pizza! Once you've...

Protein22g Fat5g Carbs5g

Healthy Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are a classic Saturday morning brunch option... and they no longer have to be full of sugar and refined carbs! The simple recipe using...

Low Carb Veggie Quiche

You’ll need to make the pastry 1 hour in advance to allow time in the fridge, so don’t leave this one till last minute!

Low Carb Lebanese Beef and Spinach...

The recipe below makes 2 family sized pizzas. Enjoy your guilt free, low carb pizza! Adjust the toppings to use your favourites :)

Protein5g Fat1g Carbs1g

Smoked Salmon Blinis

Looking for an entrée that’s just a little bit more fancy? Or a way to impress the wife on your anniversary? These are a great...

Protein Bread Bruschetta Recipe

Fancy a quick, easy and light lunch? Or maybe an entree for when you’re entertaining? This bruschetta recipe is perfect for an easy Sunday lunch...

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