We believe Low Carb Recipes should be Easy, Enjoyable & Economical! Simple ingredients with simple instructions to create delicious low carb versions of all your favourite foods! That's the PBCo Recipe Promise.

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Low Carb Lunch Recipes

Lunch….you either love lunch or you don’t. It’s often that meal which is skipped over or put in the too hard basket! Let us take the sting out lunch prep and come with us to explore our low carb lunch recipes.

Protein39g Fat16g Carbs4g

Low Carb Crumbed Lamb Cutlets

There's nothing quite like the sweet succulent taste of a perfectly cooked lamb cutlet like Nan makes. That said, you can make them even better...

Protein14g Fat8g Carbs2g

Low Carb Garlic Bread

YES IT IS FINALLY HERE. Low carb garlic bread!!!

Protein19g Fat21g Carbs18g

Miss Florrie's Fantastic Halloumi & Corn...

This amazing recipe was sent in by the equally amazing @missflorrie Halloumi and Corn Fritters are my go-to option when I go out for brekkie and...

Protein17g Fat10g Carbs2g

Mini Low Carb Pizzas

These delicious mini low carb pizzas come with less than 2g of carbs per base. They are the perfect kid-friendly size and make a great...

Protein22.4g Fat17.3g Carbs26g

LowER Carb Fried Rice

High Protein Fried Rice is a really easy and veggie-packed dinner or lunch that can be made ahead. Replacing rice with one of our Low...

Protein44.2g Fat11.8g Carbs22.8g

Lower Carb Chilli Con Carne

A delicious Lower Carb Chilli Con Carne is loaded with grains, legumes and protein. A super filling and hearty lunch option to keep you going...

Protein4g Fat4g Carbs1g

Chilli Parmesan Low Carb Crackers

These Chilli Parmesan Low Carb Crackers were inspired by the flavours of  Wow Bites - Chilli, Garlic, Herbs and Parmesan. These were yummy, super thin and...

Protein8g Fat6g Carbs2g

Cheesy Low Carb Dinner Rolls

Cheesy Low Carb Dinner Rolls! - Yes, thanks! These are PERFECT to enjoy with soup, stews, salads, buttered or as is!

Protein42g Fat27g Carbs10g

Luke's Keto Shepherd's Pie

I had a hankering for Shephard's Pie recently but not wanting to dive headfirst into a carb coma I decided to whip up my own,...

Protein48g Fat18g Carbs7g

Low Carb BBQ Chicken Pizza with...

Shout out to our friends at Bulk Nutrients for their awesome Pizza and Milkshake Combo, perfect for a night in and packed full of Protein!

Protein34g Fat14g Carbs8g

Philly Cheese Steak Low Carb Sandwich

This is delicious and easy to make sandwich, is our take on a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Packed with lots of flavour, with just under...

Protein36g Fat21g Carbs2g

Low Carb Reuben Sandwich

Our take on a traditional Reuben Sandwich has only 2.4g and a huge 36g protein. We used our Low Carb Russian Dressing but you can use...

Protein38g Fat26g Carbs9g

Protein Hot Dogs

These Protein Hot Dogs have about 40g protein and about 9g carbs per serve! A super filling and easy meal that the family will love!

Protein27g Fat13g Carbs5g

Mini Protein Beef Sliders

Protein Beef Sliders Mini with a whopping 27.1g protein! These mini Aussie Burger sliders are a perfect addition to a weekend BBQ or quiet Friday...

Protein16g Fat22g Carbs2g

Auusie Meat Pies

Aussie Meat Pie!!! This is our version of the classic meat pie that is keto-friendly! These pies are super delicious with a buttery pastry crust...

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