Even the best can be better. We live and breathe this at The Protein Bread Co. which is why our research and development team is continually working with our suppliers, farmers, food technicians and nutritionists to make sure our products are as good as they possibly can be.

This latest improvement we’ve made is to our Original Protein Bread Mix.

What’s changed? Lighter and improved texture Protein Bread.

We’ve been working closely with our flaxmeal grower based in Renmark, South Australia, to develop a special grade of flaxmeal. This was developed to help with the lightness and texture of our finished Protein Bread Loaves, as well as our Protein Bread Mix. These products are available in both retail stores Australia wide and online direct from us.

How will I notice the improved texture?

If you’re making the loaf from our Protein Bread Mix, the most noticeable difference will be when you’re mixing up the loaf. This new special grade of flaxmeal will make the mixture thicker than it was before. Once your Protein Bread is baked, you’ll notice the improved texture of the loaf is much lighter and bit fluffier.

If you buy the ready-made Protein Bread loaves from one of our many stockists in Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll notice they’re just a bit lighter in texture and a bit more neutral in taste.

Any change to the nutrition?

The same great nutrition that you know and love. Because we haven’t changed our award winning recipe, or sourced a different ingredient, simply adjusted the milling level of our flaxmeal, there’s absolutely no change to our amazing nutritional values of Protein Bread and Protein Bread Mix.

Which product’s have been updated with this new special grade flaxmeal?

All ready-made Protein Bread loaves sold after Sunday 26th of January 2017 and all Protein Bread Mix products with a USE BY date of or after 23/01/18 feature this new special grade of flaxmeal.

Tried this new and improved Protein Bread Mix? We’d love to know what you think. Let us know below.

If you have any questions about our products, ingredients or nutrition head over to our products page. This page has all the information you should need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then head to our contact us page and send us a message.

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