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Muffin Break - Gluten Free Sweet Muffin Mix (Box of 10)

  • $58.70

Made from wholesome ingredients, this Gluten Free Sweet Muffin Mix lets your customers add in their favourite combination of flavours, to enjoy at home as well as in-store.

This range allows anyone to be able to make their favourite muffins at home, regardless of their dietary requirements.

This muffin mix is lower carb, has no added sugar and is a good source of fibre and protein - all without sacrificing that taste they've come to know and love from Muffin Break.

Features to assist with upselling:

  • 350g
  • Gluten Free Muffin Mix
  • No Added Sugar
  • Lower Carb
  • Good Source of Fibre & Protein
  • Bake in 25 minutes
  • Add in your favourite ingredients to make any muffin flavour - raspberries, chocolate, banana etc.
  • The perfect afternoon treat or bake into mini muffins for school lunch boxes or snacks for the kids.
1 pack makes 12 muffins