You told us what you loved, or didn’t love, and we listened!! Yep, we can always do better and we really do take on feedback when you have something to say 🙂

Our product team has been super busy over the past few months, reading through all your feedback, and putting their thinking hats on! How do we create better tasting, better texture products, whilst maintaining our natural ingredients AND exceptional nutrition?

Challenge Accepted.

And now we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched 5 new recipe products, based on your feedback making these New Recipe products our best yet.

We made changes to our Banana Bread 🍌 Cookies 🍪 Carrot Cake 🥕 and Original Protein Bread 🍞 and Seeded Protein Bread 🍞 so you can get even better and tastier nutrition!

So what are the changes?

PBCo. Protein Banana Bread Mix 350g (10 Slices) Gluten Free Low Carb - Front of Pack

Protein Banana Bread

Even more of a Cafe style Banana Bread, YUM!!

Our new Banana Bread bakes more evenly throughout, creating a delicious lighter & fluffier Cafe style Banana Bread, still with 77% less carbs and no added sugar. This is my favourite of all the New Recipe products and the perfect snack for on the go!!

Try our NEW Recipe Protein Banana Bread today!

PBCo. Protein 6 Seeds Bread Mix 350g (1 Loaf 10 Serves) Gluten Free Low Carb – Front of Pack

6 Seeds Protein Bread

To make even better sandwiches with all that seedy goodness.

6 Seeds Protein Bread is now great for sandwiches not just toast! A super seedy slice of bread (actually 20 slices!) with less moisture and more bend in each slice, gluten free and low carb sandwiches just got 10 times better.

Try our NEW Recipe 6 Seed Protein Bread today!

PBCo. Plant Based Protein Low Carb Carrot Cake 320g (10 Slices) Gluten Free - Front of Pack

Protein Carrot Cake

Just delicious, don’t need to say anything else.

Our new Carrot Cake is even more cakeish! A smidgen sweeter, lighter and way less dense, still with less than 5g carbs per serve! This is the perfect indulgent healthy snack, especially when paired with our Simply Low Carb Sugar Free Icing!

Try our NEW Recipe Protein Carrot Cake today!

PBCo. Protein Bread Mix 330g (1 Loaf 10 Serves) Gluten Free Low Carb - Front of Pack

Protein Bread

Our original and the best just got even better.

Our Original Protein Bread is now lighter, fluffier and with 10% more rise for a taller loaf!! Still with the same great natural ingredients. The end result is that we squeezed even more protein into the loaf to keep you fuller for longer.

Try our NEW Recipe Protein Bread today!

PBCo. Plant Based Protein Cookies 350g (20 Cookies) Low Carb, Gluten Free - Front of Pack

Protein Cookies

Our softest and chewiest cookie yet.

Plant Based Protein Cookies are now way less protein bar consistency and way MORE real cookie consistency – softer, chewier, and even more irresistible. And we managed to do it without any huge change in the macros. Now that is a win!

Try our NEW Recipe Protein Cookies today!

These changes have also been made to make these tasty foods less “health food” like in taste and texture and more an “everyday” food that many people are used too. And this is while maintaining our famous nutrition with natural, low carb ingredients and no nasties.

The serving size has changed – what will I do 🙈

You might see that the serving size has changed on several of our products. Nothing to fear. Check out the per 100 g nutrition to see that you are still getting our famous nutrition and all our real, natural ingredients.

Let’s use the Protein Cookies as an example:

  • Same great value pack size of 350 g
  • Still with our famous nutrition – check out the macros for yourself!
  • Serving size – we’ve brought this down to 39 g from 88 g per cookie as we got a lot of feedback that the jumbo cookies were way too big with a nutrition overload!
  • The pack now makes 20 cookies instead of 10 jumbo cookies. But if you’re a jumbo cookie type of guy (or girl), don’t worry, roll out twice as much cookie dough to get all the nutrition you need!
  • BONUS – each cookie is softer, chewier and even more irresistible

So, why did we make these changes?

We pride ourselves on being transparent in how we do things and the reason behind them. And what you will see is that where feedback from our community is congruent with our vision of giving people double enjoyment from the foods they love, being eating foods such as cake now and feeling great later, we will do our best to incorporate it into our products or information going forward. At the end of the day, we believe in, and eat our foods!

We listen to our customers and community. By having a strong e-commerce business, it means we have a direct relationship with our community and get real, uncensored feedback on most things in life (they are not all food related 😂😂). But we try and focus on our products and how we can make them better…

We are always experimenting with our products to make them better. Yes, we have a pristine white lab with lots of cool kitchen toys in it. But no, we are not playing with chemicals to make our products better but real, natural, low carb ingredients. What we are creating has never been done before (so there is no textbook here), we are super proud of that and our products will only get better through us pushing the boundaries to make improvements!

Taste and texture can always be improved on low carb products… especially when we all know how great carbs can taste!! And this can get even harder when we’re trying to juggle multiple factors including real, natural ingredients, low carb products, lots of protein plus high fibre and good fats all while managing to be gluten free. We really are creating baking products with complete nutrition!! But for more people in our community who want to (and in some cases, need too!) make better food choices and get the advantage of these amazing healthy products, we have to ensure that the taste and texture of these products is more closely aligned to what they are used too!

Because if we’re standing still, we’re going backwards – why can’t things be better…better nutrition, better taste, better texture – we want it all, just like you do!!