Do you have work meetings in cafes or restaurants? Or find yourself eating out a fair bit through your week?  Or just prefer someone else to do the cooking 😀  YAY!

If you get to choose where you are going, certain cuisines are more low carb friendly than others.

I usually go for Pub meals (switch the chips or mash for extra vegetables) or my 2 favourites: Greek or Lebanese restaurants  Lots of lean protein grilled over charcoal, with so many different salads to choose from – just don’t order the bread 😀


some tips and tricks for low carb cafe and restaurant dining.

  • Where possible, check out the menu online. know what you want before you get there.
  • Take your time looking through the menu, and don’t be afraid to make changes to dishes (within reason of course)
  • Order first. Get in first before you hear what everyone else is ordering. You are less likely to change your mind.
  • Opt for 2 Entree dishes and a side salad (grilled halloumi, prawns, olives etc)
  • The ‘Meat and Vegetable’ based meals – will always be the most carb friendly and at times the easiest to see what is in it – Ask for sauces and dressings on the side, say no to chips, mash or bread and yes to extra vegetables.
  • When ordering salads, add protein if there is none and ask for dressings on the side.
  • Avoid Focaccia’s and sandwiches when trying to eat low carb, not too mention the bread is normally 3 times the size of what it should be, and you don’t get that much on the inside.
  • Ordering 2 entrees with a side salad at times may be a better option.
  • Avoid pasta or risotto when aiming to eat low carb. You also will avoid that heavy feeling that normally follows are heavy high carb meal.
  • If it’s a boozy lunch/ Dinner – always start with a tall glass of sparkling or still water. That way you increase your water for the day, and you sit on your first drink for longer and drink less. 😉
  • If you’re heading out for Breakfast – Eggs will be the star of your dish, with the vegetable side options, no toast, or an omelette – just choose your favourite low carb fillings. My go-to order – Vegetarian breakfast, no toast with bacon 😀

You may find some other ideas in last weeks blog about food courts and take aways. If you missed it click here 

Jo x 🤓

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