We recently expanded our amazing team we have here at The Protein Bread Co and I’m happy to introduce you guys to Corinne, our amazing in-house graphic designer. You’ll be sure to see some of her great work popping up across our social media channels, our website and even our packaging.

Corinne brings with her a broad range of skills in graphic design, photography, illustration and her bubbly personality that I’m sure you will start to see, beginning with a great little project which I’ll keep hush hush for the moment.

Corinne loves our products because knowing exactly what she is putting into her body is important to her. She loves that there are no hidden ingredients, all of which are completely natural and over 90% of them being sourced right here in Australia.

Corinne loves how easy and flexible our products are to work with. She can be creative with her daily meals while maintaining her macronutrients. And yes, she is a gym enthusiast, a classic meal prepper, and her favourite low carb pancake stack is a regular weekend breakfast choice. You can see her recipe over on our recipe page here.

“The Protein Bread Co. cultivate a lifestyle that is so aligned with my beliefs around health and fitness. Their products have shed a whole new light on these once carb-heavy foods; bread, pancakes, muffins, pizza – all the things I thought I could never enjoy daily again. The Protein Bread Co products make me feel great, nourished and satisfied without the all guilt – definitely a staple in my kitchen”.

We look forward to working with Corinne and are excited to bring you some beautiful new things over the next couple of months.

Welcome, Corinne!

Luke Hopkins
The Protein Bread Co.



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Luke Hopkins
An avid barefoot trail runner, explorer, creator, and keen learner. I'm incredibly humbled by everyone who's helped The Protein Bread Co. to grow to where it is today – actively supporting our mission to help 5M Australians and 20M people globally to live fitter, healthier and happier lives. You can reach out to me via Twitter or Instagram @thelowcarbgiant, Facebook @lukehopkins, or shoot me an email at luke@lovepbco.com

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