We believe Low Carb Recipes should be Easy, Enjoyable & Economical! Simple ingredients with simple instructions to create delicious low carb versions of all your favourite foods! That's the PBCo Recipe Promise.

What can I make with...

Protein10g Fat17g Carbs5g

Apple Cinnamon Squares

These Apple Cinnamon Squares are a perfect Brekkie-on-the-go or snack. 😍  This is a great recipe for meal-prep. Make a big slab and have your snacks or...

Protein17g Fat11g Carbs2g

Chilli Cheese Low Carb Focaccia

This Chilli Cheese Low Carb Focaccia is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite soup or salad or great as a snack on its own. Under...

Protein40g Fat31g Carbs7g

Protein B.L.A.T

This B.L.A.T is a monster of a sanga, with just over 40g of Protein 💪🏼 💪🏼 Definitely one for BIG eaters!

Protein5g Fat13g Carbs4g

Green and Gold Cupcakes

SUPER Simple Green and Gold Cupcakes. Perfect for an Australia Day BBQ or get together. Under 5g of carbs per cupcake 👍

Protein6g Fat21g Carbs6g

Low Carb Lamingtons

Low Carb Lamingtons! 😱 Who doesn't love a lamington? This Aussie classic is a favourite of many. We thought we would have a go at...

Protein6g Fat20g Carbs5g

Low Carb Blackberry and Coconut Cupcakes

Blackberry and coconut is a beautiful flavour combination for cupcakes. Our Low Carb Blackberry and Coconut Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat without the sugar-load....

Protein8g Fat6g Carbs2g

Low Carb Cheese & Garlic Focaccia

A beautiful Low Carb Cheese and Garlic Focaccia to serve with anything that tickles your fancy. A homemade soup, salad or part of an antipasto...

Protein5g Fat18g Carbs2g

Super Low Carb Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Baked Vanilla Cheesecake Slice is a classic dessert Our version has NO added sugar and is super low carb! 2.2g carbs per piece. This recipe is...

Protein6g Fat3g Carbs8g

LowER Carb Raisin Toast

Raisin toast is a favourite of many, unfortunately, it isn't low carb. One piece of cafe style Raisin toast can vary between 25-43g of carbs!!!...

Protein7g Fat18g Carbs5g

Low Carb Cappuccino Cupcakes

These Low Carb Cappuccino Cupcakes taste like mini Tiramisu's 😍 Just the right amount of sweetness, and the bitterness of the coffee. These will be...

Protein8g Fat15g Carbs6g

Orange, Almond & Chia Muffins

These Orange, Almond & Chia Muffins have all the citrusy flavours and texture of the classic Orange & Poppyseed muffins but lower in carbs! A...

Protein5g Fat19g Carbs2g

Sugar Free Lemon Tart

This sugar-free carb lemon tart is a light and tangy refreshing dessert. A timeless classic made low carb and sugar-free so we don't have to...

Protein3g Fat8g

Seeded Crackers

These Low Carb Seeded Crackers would be the perfect accompaniment to a Friday afternoon cheese platter. All the super seedy goodness of your favourite seeds,...

Protein8g Fat22g Carbs6g

Low Carb Mocha Cupcakes

Who doesn't LOVE chocolate and coffee? 😍 These Low Carb Mocha Cupcakes combine two of our favourite flavours into one sweet treat with only 6g...

Protein8g Fat20g Carbs6g

Low Carb Cinnamon and Walnut Cake

Cinnamon Walnut is a classic coffee cake recipe. We added a low carb twist! The perfect afternoon tea treat with only 6g carbs per serve!

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