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Protein17g Fat10g Carbs2g

Mini Low Carb Pizzas Bases

These delicious mini low carb pizzas come with less than 2g of carbs per base. They are the perfect kid-friendly size and make a great family meal to create together. Our pizza bases work well to prepare ahead of time and then simply add your favourite topping with the kids, they can even be frozen to be pulled out when needed, perfect for those busy families.

Protein21g Fat12g Carbs5g

Blueberry Jaffle Pancakes

Protein Pancakes without the need for pancake-flipping skills. Yes! And a great way to use the jaffle machine that most of us have tucked away in the cupboard.

Protein8g Fat8g Carbs3g

Mini Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

Mini double choc chip muffins the kids (and us big kids!) will love! They're low in sugar and full of flavour. It might be hard to stop at one!


Protein18g Fat14g Carbs2g

Egg Soldiers with Low Carb Bread

The perfect little healthy brekkie for your little guy or girl (or your big one – who doesn't love egg soldiers 🙂 Once you've made the bread, you can whip this recipe up really quickly. The recipe will make up the whole tray of bread, so you'll still have about 7 serves left over!

Protein7g Fat7g Carbs4g

Mini M&M Protein Cookies

These colourful M&M protein cookies are a guaranteed winner with the little ones (and let's be honest, the adults too), because who doesn't love a chewy 'choc chip' cookie, especially when they are this good for you! So quick and easy to make and at only 2.3g carbs per cookie, its the perfect baking activity for with the kiddies these school holidays.

Protein4g Fat14g Carbs4g

Almond Crunch Chocolate

Inspired by Ritter-Sport Honey Salt Almonds Bar, this 4 ingredient almond crunch chocolate is the perfect fix for that mid-afternoon chocolate fix, with under 5g of carbs per serve. Crunchy, salty, bitter and sweet, all in one. No cooking needed!

Protein12g Fat25g Carbs4g

Cauliflower Cheese

The perfect low carb substitute to Mac and Cheese!

Serve with a steak and greens for the perfect meal, or enjoy by itself. Comfort food at its best!

Protein10g Fat15g Carbs4g

Chia Jam Drop Cookies

Jam Drops are a childhood favourite of mine. Replacing the jam with an easy-to-make Berry Chia Jam and using our Plant Based Cookie Mix makes these a healthy option – low carb, gluten free, high protein, and with no added sugar. The chia seeds and our base of healthy nuts and seeds gives these cookies heaps of added nutrition – without tasking like it!

Protein10g Fat14g Carbs3g

Choc Dipped Spice Cookies

Spice biscuits are common in Scandinavia and the Netherlands – known as 'speculoos'. With a blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves, nutmeg, a little extra sweetener (traditionally brown sugar), and a touch of vanilla, these cookies are the true meaning of sugar, spice and all things nice! You can use mixed spice that you buy from the supermarket or a blend of these spices to recreate a low carb, no added sugar version.

Mexican Beef Burrito Bowls with P300 Protein Rice

How good are burrito bowls? Make yours lower carb and higher protein with P300 Protein Rice. Top with tomato, onion, sour cream, coriander, chilli, and a wedge of lime.

Protein76g Fat13g Carbs23g

Lower Carb Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice with greens is an easy, healthy go-to for mid week meals that can easily be meal prepped for the week ahead. You're saving more than 40g of carbs per 100g compared to brown rice when you're using P300 Protein Rice instead.

Protein20g Fat23g Carbs22g

Lower Carb Protein Coconut Rice

A high protein, lower carb spin on a traditional Asian classic. P300 infused with the flavour of coconut, creating a slightly sweet side rice for your favourite curries and stir-fries.

Protein75g Fat38g Carbs21g

Low Carb Crumbed Chicken with P300 Protein Rice

There are lots of ways to make chicken and rice – oven baked, pan fried, poached, steamed, slow cooked, or crumbed. I really loved crumbed chicken with rice and greens – and using P300 Protein Rice and a low carb crumb brings down the carb content of this high protein meal.

Protein34g Fat20g Carbs25g

High Protein Fried Rice

High Protein Fried Rice is a really easy and veggie-packed dinner or lunch that can be made ahead. Replacing rice with P300 Protein Rice makes this meal much higher in protein and lower in carbs.

Protein42g Fat9g Carbs26g

Chilli Con Carne with P300 Protein Rice

This delicious Protein Rice Chilli Con Carne recipe is loaded with 42.4g of protein. With all the rich, spicy flavours of a traditional chilli con carne, plus the wholesome, nutty flavours of the Protein Rice. At 380 calories and 26g carbs per serve, this makes for the perfect lower carb dinner that can be made in bulk at the start of the week.

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