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Protein15g Fat16g Carbs4g

Low Carb Espresso Coffee Muffins

For the coffee addict in all of us, these low carb Espresso Coffee Muffins are sure to hit the spot and kickstart your mornings or give you a wake-up afternoon boost at work. 🙂 #loveyourmuffin

This recipe uses 1 packet of our Protein Muffin Mix and makes up 12 big muffins. The cream cheese icing is incredibly delicious, but completely optional and I've calculated the nutrition with and without for you. Happy Baking 🙂 Luke

Protein22g Fat7g Carbs5g

3-Minute Low Carb Waffles

These low carb waffles made with our Protein Pancake Mix are so quick and easy to make. Even faster than pancakes! It takes about 1 minute to mix everything up, 2 minutes in the waffle iron and you’ve got yourself a healthy low-carb, high protein breakfast, snack or dessert ? Relive those dreamy child-hood memories but without the sugar hangover! I’d love to see your creations, make sure to tag @proteinbreadco! Luke

Protein22g Fat5g Carbs5g

Healthy Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are a classic Saturday morning brunch option... and they no longer have to be full of sugar and refined carbs!

The simple recipe using The Protein Pancake mix is Low Carb, High Protein and Gluten Free so you can put pancakes back on the menu every day! The recipe below makes 1 serve of Pancakes (3 Pancakes)

Photo credit to The Protein Bread Co Customer @jmac_82

Low Carb Veggie Quiche

You’ll need to make the pastry 1 hour in advance to allow time in the fridge, so don’t leave this one till last minute!

We also have a great recipe for low carb sweet pastry recipe – enjoy your favourite dessert pies and tarts again using our Protein Pancake mix!

Low Carb Lebanese Beef and Spinach Pizza

The recipe below makes 2 family sized pizzas. Enjoy your guilt free, low carb pizza! Adjust the toppings to use your favourites 🙂

Apple & Cinnamon Brekkie Bars

Our Apple & Cinnamon bars are a low carb snack that’s super simple to make and great for both kids or adults (perfect addition to a lunch box!). Great for a quick and easy breakfast, snack at morning tea or post training snack.

Protein10g Fat22g Carbs2g

Low Carb Vanilla Almond Cookie Recipe

This amazing base recipe creates beautiful, simple, low carb vanilla almond cookies that are a wonderful accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Low carb, high protein + sugar free – perfect for maintaining energy levels all day – helping to avoid the 3pm slump.

Low Carb Schnitzel Coating

This amazing recipe creates a versatile, low carb schnitzel coating for anything you like to crumb before cooking at home. Whether it’s chicken, lamb cutlets, or even vegetables.

Low carb, high protein & sugar free – perfect alternative to normal bread crumbs.

This recipe was sent in by a Protein Bread Lover, if you have any awesome recipes using our products please send them through to us 🙂

Protein8g Fat5g Carbs13g

Juicy Date and Walnut Loaf Recipe

Our Famous Date and Walnut Loaf recipe – make it yourself at home! A delicious snack or healthy alternative to banana bread. Enjoy it toasted with butter… It’s the best!

Protein5g Fat10g Carbs1g

Low Carb Christmas Gingerbread

This is a great and simple, low carb gingerbread recipe (that isn’t packed with all those sugar & carbs!) – so they’re perfect for Christmas entertaining or a heartfelt, homemade Christmas gift.

We loved the strong ginger taste – however if you do prefer biscuits that are a little sweeter, you can add 1 teaspoon of Stevia to get the sweeter taste without the extra calories.

Unfortunately, we shared them around the office before Anna got the chance to decorate the biscuits 🙁 however it’s very easy to do so; just follow the usual icing recipe and steps to make those Christmas gifts or to just to enjoy some extra Christmas cheer with your morning tea!

Perfect accompaniment to a morning coffee break during this hectic festive season, to help you power through work, make those long lists of Christmas presents you have to get or maybe even face the crowds at the shops!

Christmas Pudding

Here it is! Our Much awaited Christmas Pudding Recipe.

This Recipe uses our Date & Walnut Loaf – which you can purchase already baked, or you can bake using Protein Bread Mix.

Recipe can actually be served as a Raw/Cold Dessert or heated in Oven or Microwave – The choice is yours.

Protein5g Fat1g Carbs1g

Smoked Salmon Blinis

Looking for an entrée that’s just a little bit more fancy? Or a way to impress the wife on your anniversary? These are a great idea for entertaining at home, at a cocktail party, catering Christmas Parties or to take to that fancy BBQ! Enjoy with a glass of Champagne for that special celebration.

These Smoked Salmon Blinis look amazing on any table and are quick and easy to prepare; they can even be made in advance if you’re tight for time. They haze zero sugar but still taste absolutely amazing!

Protein Bread Bruschetta Recipe

Fancy a quick, easy and light lunch? Or maybe an entree for when you’re entertaining? This bruschetta recipe is perfect for an easy Sunday lunch or when you’re trying to impress the in-laws. A great recipe to enjoy in summer, especially when you can get fresh, local ingredients. It’s easy to make a bit in advance as well, just cover and refrigerate, then when you’re ready to serve, bring the mixture to room temperature and put on top of the toast.

Also a great idea to serve with an antipasto plate – olives, sundried tomatoes, cheeses, salami and a glass of red!

Apple and Cinnamon Crumble

Who doesn’t love a great apple crumble? This recipe includes a delicious cinnamon flavour and a crumble topping without all the usual carbs!

This recipe is great as it can easily become a cold breakfast the next day – pour some almond milk over the top and you’re good to go (what a great start to the day)! See below for more serving suggestions.

You can also mix up the fruits – pear, rhubarb, berries, plums, peaches, just choose what you love to create your own delicious and personalised delight.

Easy REAL Egg Custard

This beautiful Egg Custard can be made in less than 5 minutes in the microwave, and you can use which ever milk takes your fancy!

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