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Protein6g Fat21g Carbs6g

Baby Chick Cupcakes

How adorable are these Easter Baby Chickens? So Cute! These cupcakes were super simple to make, and are perfect Low Carb Easter treats. 🐰🐥

You can choose out of using our Low Carb Vanilla Cupcake Mix or our Low Carb Chocolate Cupcake Mix. This recipe will work with both. We used Vanilla for this one.

Protein11g Fat15g Carbs14g

Hot Cross Bun Loaf

A twist on an Easter treat. This Hot Cross Bun Loaf is the perfect loaf to share with friend and family over the Easter break.😍

A Beautiful dense "fruit loaf" style product - perfect sliced, warmed and served with butter for Easter brekkie or brunch!

Protein25g Fat8g Carbs2g

Low Carb Nachos

Emilie from Original Bootcamp has given us an amazing recipe to make low carb nachos using the Protein Pizza Base without the guilt!

Protein6g Fat13g Carbs1g

Low Carb Baked Custard

This Low Carb Baked Custard is such a beautiful and simple dessert to prep for a dinner party!

Simply pop in the oven 60 mins before you need it.

Protein2g Fat14g Carbs3g

Low Carb Strawberry Ice Cream

🍓Low Carb Strawberry Ice cream 🍓 No Ice cream machine needed!! Don’t miss out on enjoying ice cream this summer, simply make your own.  😍

Protein7g Fat20g Carbs5g

Lamington Cupcakes

You can't get more Aussie than a lamington when it comes to baking. Take these to your Australia day get together, and show your friends that cupcakes don't have to be packed with sugar and gluten - they can be totally guilt free 😍

Protein15g Fat16g Carbs3g

2-minute Scrambled Eggs

Who doesn't love scrambled eggs on toast? This great news is you can easily make it at home or in the office, in the microwave.

Protein37g Fat33g Carbs22g

High Protein Ginger Bread Waffles with Cherries and Cream

Enjoy the flavour of ginger bread in waffle form with this recipe for High Protein Ginger Bread Waffles! These are so delicious, straight after taking this photo, I ate two plates of them for lunch and I don't even feel bad. Perfect for that festive weekend brekkie, or weekday lunch too 🙂 Happy waffl'n. I’d love to see your creations, make sure to tag @proteinbreadco Luke

Protein8g Fat20g Carbs5g

Low Carb Chocolate Birthday Cake

Life is too short to go without a birthday cake! Our Low Carb Chocolate Cake recipe means that whilst living low carb you don't have to 🙂

Protein20g Fat14g Carbs5g

Mexican Nacho Chilli Cheese Muffins

These spicy little numbers pack a serious chilli punch ??? . Of course you could always put less chilli in, but where's the fun in that! Each of these meaty chilli muffins has a huge 20g of protein – sure to keep you full for a while, and with just 5g of carbs there's no carb siestas required.

Protein18g Fat16g Carbs3g

Cheesy Bacon & Broccoli Muffins

Bake up some low carb cheesy broccoli and bacon muffins using our savoury muffin mix! They're high protein, gluten free and full of healthy nutrition!

Protein20g Fat14g Carbs4g

Spinach and Feta Cheese Muffins

The golden recipe for our amazing new Savoury Muffin Mix are these scrumptious low carb Spinach and Feta Cheese Muffins. Each delicious muffin has a huge 20g of Complete Protein and just 4g of carbs!

Protein45g Fat19g Carbs18g

Low Carb Fish 'n' Chip Pizza

The latest of our ??  Kiwi Inspired recipes to celebrate the launch of our products in New Zealand… Impress your mates across the ditch with this awesome low-carb Fish 'n' Chip pizza made using our Protein Pizza Base mix. It sounds bizarre, but it is truly amazing. Make sure to use the freshest Hoki fillets you can find (from NZ of course!). #loveyourpizza

Protein26g Fat30g Carbs28g

Kiwi Coconut Pancakes

Part 2 of our celebration of the launch of shipping to NZ… Low Carb Kiwi Coconut Pancakes ???  This uses our awesome Low Carb Protein Pancake Mix. Test your artistic ability by creating a delicious rendition of your favourite islands! Tag us #proteinbreadcoNZ #loveyourpancakes

Protein15g Fat14g Carbs13g

All Black (Forest) Muffins

We're celebrating the launch of shipping to New Zealand with these NZ-inspired recipes! Get into the spirit of the game with these low carb All Black (Forest) muffins made with our Protein Muffin Mix! We can't guarantee that these high protein low carb muffins will make you as fast as Joe Rokocoko or as tough as Richie McCaw but then again, we can't guarantee they won't either 😉

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