It’s been all over the news in the last few weeks, but have you seen Guy Sebastian’s epic body transformation?

If you haven’t – you need to Google it (after reading this article), or check out the cover of this month’s Men’s Health magazine! Australian idol’s Guy Sebastian has been working incredibly hard with Gunny and Chief from the Original Boot camp to transform his body across 8 week for the front cover of Men’s Health magazine, and all of us at The Protein Bread Co. are chuffed to have been a part of it.

Guy decided to take part in the transformation program in order to get himself and his body back on track. He felt like he was going downhill with his health and fitness and that nothing he was doing seemed to be working (this sounds familiar to some of us right?). The food side of his diet is where we came in. Guy was put on a Ketogenic diet which is a diet that consists of eating foods that are very low in carbs and very high in fats. By eating foods with low carbs, the body is forced into the metabolic state of ketosis, which is where the high fat provides most of the fuel to make sure the body functions. You can read more to the Keto diet here.

Although at first Guy said he felt hungry during the first stages of the Keto diet, Guy claimed that his saviour during the 8 week long program has been “the substitutes I’ve had for old favorites”. On Guy’s Ketogenic diet, he used The Protein Bread Co.’s Bread Mix in place of normal bread, which he claims is “idiot proof” to make, whilst also adding that he doesn’t need other bread any more. One of Guy’s staple afternoon snacks was our Protein bread topped with shaved turkey and avocado.

We are so pleased that Guy enjoyed our bread and other The Protein Bread Co. products on his journey and that they played a key role in his body transformation. Whether it’s an epic transformation that you’re planning to embark on, or you’re simply looking to make small changes in your diet that can make a difference, we truly believe that our products can help. From bread to pizzas and pancakes, there is something for everyone, and Guy is living proof that the products can act as low carb substitutes for some of your favourite foods.

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