Fried chicken 🍗🍗 has finally got the low carb makeover it has been asking for with the release by PBCo. of its low carb crumb.

Which one are you, Original or Hot n Spicy? Get your taste buds flowing this party season by frying up a storm and being the toast of the party. Now everything can be crumbed. Chicken, fish, halloumi, cheese, YES cheese, cauliflower, eggplant, the question now is what can’t be crumbed…

Got mates that are keto 👍 vegan 👍 fried chicken lovers 👍 even gluten-free 👍, yes this low carb crumb ticks all the boxes while getting that finger licking goodness!. With 66% less carbs than a normal bread crumb, WOW, and packed with the goodness of an amazing 35% plant protein, you are not going to look back on all your favourite crumbed foods. And yes, it’s gluten-free!

Luke Hopkins, co-founder of PBCo. said:

“If we’re going to make Australians fitter, healthier and happier, it’s not going to happen by getting them to cut out all the foods they love, it’s by giving them better, tastier and healthier options for all the foods they love!”.

So let’s bring fried chicken back and make it even bigger and better by making low carb available for everyone!

About PBCo.

Going from strength to strength, we make healthy living fun with our range of nutritionally enhanced foods. From our range of low carb baking mixes that are sold in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, we now create and innovate across a range of categories with our low carb products.

Innovation is in our DNA and we also sell low carb muffins to Muffin Break and work with other commercial manufacturers to make bigger, better and healthier low carb products for their customers.

And together, we make people fitter, healthier and happier!


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