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High Protein Ginger Bread Waffles with Cherries and Cream

Enjoy the flavour of ginger bread in waffle form with this recipe for High Protein Ginger Bread Waffles! These are so delicious, straight after taking this photo, I ate two plates of them for lunch and I don't even feel bad. Perfect for that festive weekend brekkie, or weekday lunch too :) Happy waffl'n. I’d love to see your creations, make sure to tag @proteinbreadco Luke

4 Square Waffles

--The Waffles 2 eggs or 100g egg white 100ml milk of choice (we used High Protein Milk by The Complete Dairy) 1 tsp golden syrup or dark syrup of choice 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp cloves 1/2 tsp ground ginger 60g of Protein Pancake Mix --The Toppings 100mL cream 100g fresh or frozen cherries

--Preparation Pre-heat your waffle maker until the light indicates it’s ready. --Method Combine all the waffle ingredients in a bowl and using a whisk or fork, mix thoroughly Lightly spray both top and bottom plates of the waffle maker with oil Using a large spoon, spoon the mixture into the bottom waffle plate until the mixture is just covering the raised nobs Close the waffle maker lid and cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown Repeat steps 2-4 once more or until you’ve used up all your mix --The Topping Pour the cream into a mixing bowl and using an electric beater, whip the cream until it thickens. Top the waffles with the whipped cream and the cherries Sprinkle with Natvia or sweetener of choice (optional)