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Q&A With Anna, Our Founder

We sat down with our Founder, Anna Hopkins, this week to find out more about what she has been up to and what she has in store for us this year.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us Anna, we know you have been busy with many things at work and at home.

First of all, congratulations on your second baby girl, Lotte, how are you both doing?

We’re doing well, thanks. It has been quite a big adjustment going from 1 child to 2, and there’s been a lot happening with the business at the same time. Lotte is doing great, and Lily is a very caring big sister, so on the front I consider myself very fortunate.

Originally I had plans to take 3 months maternity leave, but life doesn’t always go to plan and the leave didn’t happen. At first I was quite anxious about not taking the time I’d planned, but basically I had to shift my mindset and get over it!

It has been a juggle, working whilst having a newborn, but if anything, it has increased my appreciation for what low carb does for my body. I’ve been focused on eating as well as possible and overall I’m feeling great, with a good amount of energy to do what I need to do. I find that low carb really helps maintain energy levels even when sleep is limited!

I bet you keep yourself very busy, and you have not slowed down at PBCo., what have you been working on?

Prior to Lotte’s birth in December, we were working on developing a new range of sugar free baking mixes. Traditionally all our products have always been low low carb, as that’s what was important to me. However since having Lily, an active toddler, I realised that with kids, it’s more about the sugar than the total carbs. It doesn’t phase me when Lily eats carbs, like fruit and brown rice, but I don’t like her eating sugar. When she does, it just makes my life as a Mum harder!  Normally she is a very calm, happy child, but when she’s eaten sugar at a party she gets quite agitated, busy, and not that pleasant to be around!

These products are definitely still lowER carb, because there is no sugar, but not as extreme as our other ranges.

I’m really excited that these products are finally launching, so that’s what my focus has been.

Personally, I’m really making an effort to look after myself, getting to Bikram Yoga once or twice a week. It does wonders for my mental health, and how good I feel within my body. It forces me to stop, and breathe. I just can’t talk highly enough about it! I could never get into the flow yoga classes, I can’t keep up, but Bikram is static, so it’s very easy to focus on your postures and breathing and really get into it.

Wow, a No Sugar Added range sounds perfect. Can you tell us a little about the range itself?

Our new No Sugar added range consists of 2 Cookies and 3 Muffins which are all family friendly! Perfect for lunchboxes. Loved by big kids, small kids, kids at heart and even Mum’s who wish they were kids sometimes ;) 3 of our products are gluten free, Apple & Cinnamon Muffin, Choc Chip Cookie and Choc Chip Muffin.

Sugar Free Choc Chip CookiesSugar Free Apple & CinnamonSugar Free Choc Chip Muffin

The remaining 2 products are traditional, containing Australian Oats & Wheat flour. This is the first time we’ve released products that are not gluten free! We decided to do this because really, oats taste delicious and do have so much goodness in! It’s unfortunate that some people have to miss out on oats, but for everyone else these products are delicious.

Sugar Free Banana & Oat MuffinSugar Free Oat & Raisin Cookie
Our 2 Choc Chip products are packed with 20% Sugar Free Choc Chips because we know that the best bit about a choc chip cookie is the choc chips, so why skimp? And it’s made from real sugar free chocolate with no palm oil, because we care about not only the food we put in our bodies but the sustainability of where it comes from.
And are these products easy to make, for parents that may not be masterchefs or pro bakers? What ingredients need to be added at home?

As always, these products follow our Mix - Pour - Bake philosophy, making sugar free baking easy and enjoyable. From pack to oven in just 5 minutes. All you need to add are basic pantry ingredients such as eggs, milk and butter and some real fruit in the muffins.

Sugar Free Choc Chips are included in both the Choc Chip products! You only need 1 bowl and a mixing spoon!! Realistically, you could also use an empty ice-cream tub if that’s all you have handy in the kitchen 😂

I know you believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be super expensive. Tell us about how you’ve created such great value products?

Yes, I am super passionate about making products that are great value. By value I mean the best nutrition, quality ingredients and a fair price. I strive to ensure our products are family budget friendly. Of course they are more expensive than traditional white flour / white sugar baking mixes, but they keep you full for a lot longer and nourish you too! This range also has a minimum 4 health star rating with many of them 4.5 stars as we strive to offer the best nutrition for you.

Each pack makes 10-12 muffins and 12-16 cookies.

Customer Success at PBCo.

There are a few ways in which we achieve the best value for our customers:

  1. We have long standing relationships and high volume with suppliers.
  2. We run a super tight ship at our manufacturing facilities and always “trimming the fat” from our business. Waste not want not because everyone wins!!
  3. We don’t spend a tonne on social media advertising because we’d prefer to invest in you, and know that if you love us so much you’ll tell your friends!  #wordofmouthisbest

And why no sugar? 

Quite simply I don’t believe that sugar is required to make a tasty treat, and I don’t believe that kids need any added sugars! Did you know that in Australia, by the time a child is 4 to 8 years old, their sugar consumption skyrockets to an average of 21 teaspoons a day.  My hope with this range is that we can get it into the hands of parents and kids all around Australia, helping them to reduce sugar and lead a healthier, happier life. 

Reduce Sugar for Healthier Children

We can’t wait to try these new goodies! When are they available?

They are available in 60 Woolies Metro stores now, you can find a store near you here. They will be available online with us at PBCo. from Tuesday 31st May.

And how does this new range fit in with your Low Carb business?

Here at PBCo. we support everyone on their low carb journey, from simply eliminating sugar, to hardcore keto enthusiasts! Traditionally we have been more focused on the low carb and keto end of the scale, however we are exciting to be moving into this sugar free space.

At the same time as developing these products, we’ve also been working on a bit of a brand refresh to help us communicate our new messages and talk to this larger audience, so stay tuned as that rolls out too!

It sounds like this is only the beginning of what you are doing at PBCo. What will you be working on once this launches?

Product development will continue to be a focus for us this year and next, and we have some more exciting keto products happening as we speak, as well as some great food retail partnerships with companies like Muffin Break - all in the name of getting more healthier, lower carb and sugar free baked goodies in the hands of all Australians!