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Anna's Low Carb Kitchen Merges with The Protein Bread Co.

Hey Low Carb Lovers!!!

You may have seen that I’ve been a little quiet on the social media front lately and you may be wondering why!!!

In addition to having Lily join our family in August, there have been big changes in our work family too!!

You may or may not know that the original company we founded, (we being my brother Luke and my partner Aaron) was The Protein Bread Company. We started this company to provide high protein, low carb bread to health and fitness fanatics who didn’t want the carb and or gluten overload that was in regular bread.

This is me back in 2013 – when we just started selling the mixes online!

Over the next few years, we extended our range to include other baking mixes such as pizza, pancake, muffins and banana bread.

In 2015 I noticed that more and more people were going low carb, but not in an extreme way. They still wanted to enjoy themselves, have a few cocktails & canapes, or indulge in a cupcake or 2 at a high tea, but without going crazy on the sugar!!! (I was/am definitely this person… Seriously we CAN have it all!!!)

That’s when I decided to create Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen. A range of delicious baking mixes such as chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, pancakes and cookies, simply without the carbs.

As well as our product range, we also shared a tonne of helpful, free, low carb tips & tricks, and inside info to help make low carb easy, so people could get results. This is when Jo came on board as our Community Manager. With a background as a weight-loss consultant, a passion for low carb AND having personally lost 56kg by switching to low carb, Jo was the absolute best person to drive this education/motivation side of our business.

So, we had our 2 brands operating at the time quite separately from each other. Around August last year, we started to notice that customers from both brands were wanting to try products from the other brand and more and more people were interested in low carb in general.

It was around this time that Lily also came into the world, which made me question a lot of things and think about how I could still make the biggest difference, and help the most amount of people with my new time restraints.

We started to question having 2 separate brands, and all the costs (time, energy and money!) associated with that, so we had a few brainstorming sessions, spoke to our advisers and did lots of “what if” thinking!

This resulted in us making the decision to combine our 2 brands and become a one-stop shop, a low carb powerhouse that could achieve our big goal of inspiring 5M Aussies to be fitter, healthier & happier.

So as of the 27th January this year, we will officially merge our brands and bring you all our low carb, high protein goodness, from our “New” super brand PBCo!

This means Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen Instagram and Facebook will be no longer… However….. The good news is that everything I used to post on social, the recipes, supermarket hacks, other low carb products and general inspiration will be included in my monthly newsletter to our low carb community. This way I know that all the effort I put into curating the best low carb insights for you, will actually be delivered straight to your inbox and can not get lost in the social media vortex!!!

I’ll also now be creating recipes using both ranges of product, and these will be published on the PBCo website.

Both ranges will be available for purchase through the PBCo shop, which means you can grab your favourite goodies from both brands at the same time, with free shipping over $30 around Australia. We also ship to New Zealand and the US.

So what do you need to do?

  • Download your favourite recipes from our current Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen website before 27th Jan which is when the website will be gone.
  • Register here to receive my monthly newsletter containing all the helpful info and low carb inspiration that I used to post on social media. This means you’ll be the absolute first to find out about new low carb and sugar-free products, supermarket specials, inside hacks and inspiration to keep you on track.

So that’s it!!! Big changes are coming, however, the one thing that won’t change is my commitment to bringing you the best low carb products & information, to make low carb easy, to feel your best and HAVE IT ALL!!!

Cheers to a healthy happy and successful 2019!

Anna xx

P.S if you do want to read more about our journey – you can do so in this little interview I did with Behind the Brands, talking all things business, food, mistakes and learning!

You can read it here –