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Food courts have become a common food environment for most of us. Whether we are at work during lunchtime, or just out and about at the shops. We are now having one or more take away meals per week. Whilst we definitely don’t recommend ordering takeaway often, we understand that sometimes we might not have… View Article
Eat a balanced diet When it comes to your gut health, eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is the best and easiest way to keep your gut happy! Eating processed foods high in simple sugars and bad fats throw out the balance of good and bad bacteria by putting the good ones out… View Article
Who hasn’t got stuck into a jar of Peanut Butter with a spoon? We LOVE peanut butter so I have put together a list of The Best Low Carb Peanut Butter’s for you!!! What I noticed this time around was how many new brands are out now. Also, the carb variations – 2 organic brands… View Article
The amount of Almond Milk available in the supermarkets has almost doubled from the last time we updated this review. With many people switching from cows or soy to almond, I guess we can see why. We tried to find options that were not only low in carb, but ones that had the highest %… View Article
A staple in many households and a standard on steaks, sausages, bacon & egg rolls and my personal fave BBQ sauce on cheesy scrambled eggs – don’t judge! 😂🤓 Typically these sauces are high in sugar and have been off limits, however the good news is that there are some acceptable sauces available for us…. View Article
Where we work is now where we spend most of our day.  It can also be the place where we feel the most stressed, tired, or both and these feelings can at times affect our decisions around our food choices. Tips to help tweak your workplace to support your low carb lifestyle. Keep healthy options in your… View Article
For those of us who still go to the supermarket versus online grocery shopping, this one’s for you 🙂 Whether it’s your weekly shop or popping in to grab a few things. The Supermarket space can be a challenging space to be in. How many of us struggle with feeling hungry ½ way through the shop?… View Article
What is a food space?? A ‘Food Space’ is basically where you and food are in the same place. Not always a meal time (i.e Supermarket) but the majority of the times, it is where you have your meals or snacks.  So let’s break down the common food spaces.  Home (Kitchen)Work Food Court & Takeaway placesCafes and… View Article
If you find it hard to track down the Multix Cafe style Muffin wrappers in your local supermarket, why not make your own homemade muffin wrappers? Check out the steps below What You Need for Homemade Muffin Wrappers: Muffin TinSmall jar or can, something roughly the same size of the muffin tin.Baking Paper – NOT… View Article
We all have certain fitness goals we may be aiming for, but with so much information out there where do you even start?! Remember that it’s not an exact science, start with a plan and use consistency to your advantage. Staying motivated and on track isn’t always easy – especially if you’re just starting out…. View Article
Even the best can be better. We live and breathe this at The Protein Bread Co. which is why our research and development team is continually working with our suppliers, farmers, food technicians and nutritionists to make sure our products are as good as they possibly can be. This latest improvement we’ve made is to our Original Protein Bread… View Article
A simple question we’re often asked is “how will a high protein and low carb diet help me towards my fat loss goals?”. The monitoring of protein and carbs are fundamental in not only healthy fat loss but also muscle retention. While muscle retention might not sound like priority number one for those working towards fat… View Article