We often become fixated on calories and macronutrients (proteins, carbs, & fats) for physical function and energy expenditure. How many of you ‘count’ your calories in the hope that you are in a deficit and burning off fat? Perhaps it’s the amount of training or physical exercise that helps boost this deficit, or perhaps it’s… View Article
Avocados are amazing. Everyone knows it, and those who don’t just don’t want to admit it. They do amazing things for you body, they’re a great replacement for butter on bread, they’re an easy addition to sandwiches, salads, breakfasts and toast…  The list is almost endless to what they can do and how they can… View Article
One of the amazing companies we partner with is The Original Boot Camp – they are literally the original boot camp people, having run them for over 23 years. Based on the Basic Training that soldiers receive when they first join the army, Original Bootcamp use hard and fast techniques to improve fitness, strength and stamina for… View Article
As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I often see my members pushing themselves week after week, and not always seeing the results they want. The problem is often BURNOUT, both on a physical and emotional level. The answer resides in knowing when to rest and how to get your mojo back when you… View Article
Ever tried to start a fitness routine, only to give up or stop a week later? We’ve all been there. Starting something is such an important step, but there is an even harder step later on as you try to maintain your new found excitement for an exercise routine. For many of our wonderful customers,… View Article
We’ve done a recent blog post on protein and why it is so beneficial, but what are the best sources of protein for those practising a vegetarian or vegan diet? We hear a lot about meat, eggs and dairy being important sources of protein, and it is common for vegetarians or vegans to not quite… View Article
If you have ever been on a diet you may notice that the last 5kg are always the hardest to lose. That’s because being on a ‘diet’ can damage your metabolism and slow down the fat burning process. Your body responds to the drop in calories and begins to store the energy consumed for future… View Article
Let’s take a look at some key definitions first, in order to understand what Protein really means to the human body. Macronutrient: a VITAL Nutrient required by the body, to provide life and to function efficiently. There are 5 Macro Nutrients; Water, Fibre, Carbs, Fats and PROTEIN. We MUST consume ALL 5 in order to… View Article
This is the last blog entry about the Health Star Rating! We hope you’ve found the previous weeks insightful and helpful, and that you can now make better, more informed decisions about the products you’re choosing off the supermarket shelf. Incase you missed last weeks post, here it is on the Health Star Rating –… View Article
We’re continuing to look at the elements of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system, and today we’re looking at sodium! We looked at Saturated Fat last week, so if you missed it, check it out here at Health Star Rating – Saturated Fat. What is sodium? Sodium is a mineral that your body uses to regulate… View Article
We’re looking at the different elements of the Health Star Rating system, which has been introduced to some food packaging in Australia recently, and we’re following on from last week when we talked about energy; what it is, how we get it and how much we should be getting.  Have a look at the previous… View Article
We’re continuing our look into the different components of the Health Star Rating (HSR) system that has recently been implemented onto Australian food packaging. We’ve already looked at what the system is and the component of protein in previous blogs, if you missed them here’s the blog about protein; Health Star Rating – Protein.   What… View Article
Many of our typical breakfast choices actually contain a LOT of sugar. When we consume sugar, it gives us a natural energy spike, we feel great for a short amount of time, but then it sends our insulin levels (the hormone that controls our blood sugar) into over drive and we start to feel sleepy,… View Article