Nicole Frain

Professional Cyclist

About Nicole Frain

Nicole Frain has always been involved in health and fitness one way or another. Coming from a background of gym work and triathlons, in 2017 Nicole made the transition over to cycling full time after 2017 saw the running leg of triathlons resulted in ongoing injuries and recovery which was frustrating and unmotivating.

After the recovery of a broken hip, Nicole chose to put her focus on the bike and took up cycling quickly thanks to her dedication and determination. Now with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport Women’s Racing Team, Nicole competes both locally, nationally in the National Road Series and in Internationally recognised events (Oceania’s). Nicole hopes to continue to grow her passion for cycling and develop as a skilled rider and would like to get to Europe in the near future.

Aside from cycling, Nicole started CleanTreats in 2013. A page that has been associated with PBCo. for a about the same amount of time. CleanTreats started on Facebook, as a way for Nicole to share her love for cooking healthy treats with her friends, family and followers. CleanTreats quickly grew organically to over 40K in followers across Facebook and Instagram. CleanTreats remains an active account to follow and engage in and Nicole continue to cook and share her creations.

Nicole started UNI in 2019 again, going back to Federation UNI to further her current skills as a Product Developer. Nicole is completing her Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition part time, to be completed in 2023.

With a lot on, Nicole is sure to have a big year ahead!

Athlete Profile

Born in the: 90’s
Hometown:  Launceston, Tasmania
Sports: Cycling
Favourite PBCo. Product: Protein Bread – topped with cottage cheese and avocado. – I am more savoury than sweet tooth

Career Highlights

  • 2nd Place Elite Women’s Individual Time Trial Oceanias 2019
  • 4th Place Elite Women’s Road Race Oceanias 2019
  • 1st Place Women’s Elite State Road Race
  • Top 10 Road Nationals Elite Women’s Time Trial Event 2019

Upcoming Events:


Facebook: Facebook

Twitter: Strava

Instagram: Instagram

We recently caught up with Nicole to ask her a few questions….

How did you get into Professional Cycling?

I moved from gym based work I had been doing for about 5 years to Triathlon, after the business I work for sponsored a triathlon event and we got to put a team in. The event wasn’t long, but it was so far from what I was used to doing, just weights in the gym. When I finished, I felt amazing, and so accomplished that I had physically achieved something, rather than achieving something through diet manipulation. I decided to follow up and get involved in Triathlons.

Unfortunately, triathlon didn’t love me back. Years of not running saw my body not respond as well and resulted in a fractured foot in March 2017 from sprinting, followed by a stress fractured femoral neck in September 2017. So most of 2017 were spent injured or recovering which was very frustrating.

Once given the all clear, I decided that I shouldn’t focus on the running if my body didn’t like that. I moved full time to the bike, after some strong encouragement from a friend at the time.
Since then the rest is history and I have spent my time pursuing and training heavily for cycling. Moving from riding just local events, to road nationals earlier this year, and Oceania’s in March.

What have you found to be the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It’s hard now, but that pain won’t last forever. – I apply this to most things in life. A hard training session, an assignment I don’t want to do, emotional stress. It can feel hard at the time, but in 15 minutes, 1 week, 2 weeks, it won’t be as hard anymore.

What’s next on the cards for Nicole Frain?

Europe this year is something I am really striving for, to get over there and experience some international level racing and increase my skills.

As well as targeting Nationals 2020 and Oceania’s 2020 for good results.


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