Georgie Parker

#19 Hockeyroo’s, 2016 Rio Olympics


Georgie Parker, 26, has proven her fortitude both on and off the field. Her ability to hold her nerve under the pressure of a penalty shootout in the 2014 World Cup Semi Final and lead the Hockeyroos to compete and take out a Gold Medal over England in the Commonwealth Games. Georgie is an embodiment of the persona better, faster, stronger, overcoming injury and setback in her journey from playing local hockey for the Southern Suns in Adelaide, to becoming a member of the Hockeyroos at just 21 years of age. We’re more excited than ever to have her on board as a Protein Bread Athlete.

Athlete Profile

Nickname: Parker, Peter
Age: 26
Hometown: Berri, SA
Player Position: #19 Forward
Known for: Backstick Tomahawk
Favourite Sandwich: Chicken, avacado and salad
Favourite Pancake Topping: Nutella and strawberries! 🙂

Career Highlights

2014 – Gold Medal, Commonwealth Games
2014 – Silver Medal, World Cup
2013 – Gold Medal, Oceana Cup
2013 – Silver Medal, World League
2011 – Australian Hockey League Champions



Twitter: @georgieparker

Instagram: @georgie_parks

We recently caught up with Georgie and asked her a few questions…

1. I have to ask, Georgie what is a backstick tomahawk ? That sounds dangerous!

A tomahawk is a shot from the reverse side of your body. It is probably the hardest shot that a player can take and is one of the most difficult for a goalkeeper to stop. It took a stupid amount of patience and time to learn it, but I reap the rewards from it now.

2. Tell me about what was going through your head in that shoot out in the 2014 World Cup.

I got to 25 yard line to take my shoot out and I had never been so nervous in my life. I remember my legs and arms shaking something chronic even
holding my stick was a mission and a half. I had to compose myself, and kept mentally telling myself “you’ve done this before, it’s just like training, or any other game”.. except it was different. This one was in front of 20,000 people and millions watching on tv. I did the exact same move as I do in basically every shoot out and managed to slot it behind the keeper.. A pretty proud moment for me. Then, only 2 months later I had to go through the same pressure situation at the Commonwealth Games final as well!

3. How important is it for professional athletes to work out their mindset and mental fortitude as well as physical strength and fitness?

Physical strength and fitness is one thing. Everyone knows that athletes need those two things to be successful. But no player, no matter how good you are, can reach their potential without good mental strength… Without the use of sport psych’s the Hockeyroos wouldn’t have been as successful as we have been of late. The techniques we train every day are imperative to our success. Every day we practice mindfulness and meditation as a group, and personally I imply my own mental strategies to help me achieve more out of each day. What excites me is that mentally I have plenty to work on, so I know I can be so much better than I currently am both on and off the field.

4. When you’re not training, what does Georgie Parker do in her spare time?

I study a double degree of Journalism and Public Relations part time at Curtin University and am slowly and surely finishing that off. I try to get as much work experience as I can in to help me with that so that takes up a bit of time. But for fun, in summer you’ll find me at the beach or shooting some hoops at the park, while in winter you’ll find me on the couch watching the footy! (Go Crows!)

5. How often do you get confused with the other Georgie Parker, the actress?


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