Emilie “Gunny” Brabon-Hames

Ultra Distance Runner & Co-founder of Original Bootcamp


Due to her ‘Tough Love’ approach to fitness and motivation Emily Brabon Hames has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s leading health and fitness personalities and celebrity transformation Coaches. Most commonly recognised for her role in establishing Australia’s longest running and most successful bootcamp fitness program ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ (OBC) Emily continues to head up the organisation as Founding Partner and International Master Trainer while sculpting and creating new bodies for Clients all over the world.

Having started her career as a group fitness instructor for one of Australia’s largest fitness chains, Emily rapidly built a strong reputation for the intensity of her training and the discipline she instilled in her followers. As a result Emily was soon earmarked to become Australia’s first female bootcamp fitness instructor, quickly progressing through the ranks to also become Australia’s first female bootcamp master trainer.

Over the past decade Emily has had both the honour and privilege of training with, and presenting to, some of the worlds most elite Special Forces and Special Operations operators including members of Australian Special Operations, US SWAT, British Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) and the Royal Marine Commandos. It is through this experience that she has continued to evolve as a trainer and to continue refining her ‘No Excuses’ approach to achieving results.

Over the past decade Emily has featured on an array of Australian TV programs including What’s Good For You, TODAY Show, Sunrise, Sydney Weekender, The Footy Show, The Great BBQ Challenge and The Longest Day.

Due to her unique perspective on what it really takes to achieve your health and fitness goals Emily has contributed to, and been quoted in, numerous respected titles both here and overseas including SHAPE, CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Cosmo Bride, Cosmo Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, UltraFitness, New Woman, Dolly, Vive and Women’s Health.

Athlete Profile

Nickname: Gunny
Age: 39 (Gulp nearly 40!)
Hometown: I live in Sydney now! I am from Melbourne and England
Main Sport: Ultra Distance Running
Favourite Recipe: Chief’s Protein Muffins! Or Protein Pizza Base with Ham and Mushrooms

Career Highlights

Winning the Hunter gatherer 50km Off trail ultra marathon in Texas 2 years in a row – (And setting the course record!)

Upcoming Events:

  • The Under Armour 50km in Killington, Vermont
  • The Under Armour Vertical Mile in Killington, Vermont
  • The Barkley Fall Classic, 50 miles, Tennessee

All in August and September 2017!


Facebook: EmilieBrabonHames

Twitter: @gunnybrabon

Instagram: @Emiliebrabonhames

We recently caught up with Gunny to ask her a few questions….

How did you get the nickname “Gunny”? There’s got to be an interesting story there…

Due to the nature of what we expect of our clients, a “nickname” was essential to make sure there was a barrier between friendship and clients. People respond better to being trained by a “coach” and not a friend, so my monika “Gunny” was the one!

What made you decide to start Original Boot Camp?

My business partner and I saw room within the fitness industry for discipline type training. Back in 2000 everything had become very PC, very warm and fuzzy with Personal trainers and group fitness. Gentle exercise was all the rage. My business partner had been running small bootcamps since 1991, but it was when we sat down and decided to make it into something that most people could do, that it started to grow.

What’s next on the cards for Gunny?

At the moment I have a full plate! Training for our next ultra marathons in Vermont and Tennessee, and a few celebrity clients who are looking to present their brand new physiques in the coming months. We are always writing for fitness and social magazines but I love my work and look forward to what each day brings.

Emilie Brabon-Hames

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