Our Food Philosophy

We always start from nature, using the best quality, real-food ingredients, sourced from Aussie farmers first, with no hidden nasties.

Start from nature

Leveraging the power of natural whole-food ingredients means our products are packed with the full set of goodness nature intended. Whole nuts and seeds are crushed into delicious and healthy wholemeal flours that are high in nutrients to support healthy bodies and fibre to support a healthy digestive system.

The best quality

It’s a fact of life that you get what you pay for and finding the best quality natural ingredients is one of many areas we are without compromise.

Real-food ingredients

Food should provide your body with the nutrition it needs. If it doesn’t, what is the point of eating it? You won’t find any added sugar or white flour in our range of nutritionally superior versions of your favourite foods, only high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients like our Australian lupin which is packed full of prebiotic fibre for gut health.

Sourced from Aussie farmers first

Growing up in the dairy farming community of Bega, on the far south coast of NSW, Australia, PBCo. co-founders, Anna & Luke Hopkins have a strong connection with the land, and with farming communities both locally and abroad.

World-renowned quality

Australian food is known around the world as being some of the best quality produce available, which is why when it comes to sourcing the ingredients for our products we needn’t look any further than our own backyard. We use Australian ingredients wherever possible.

Supporting farming communities

When you buy Australian-grown, you’re not just supporting the farmer, but their family, their local community, and the Australian economy as a whole.

Better for the environment

Buying local also means fewer food miles, which means less pollution that arises from the transportation of ingredients. Not only that, but the less time spent in transit, the less chance there is of wastage or food spoilage.

No hidden nasties

We believe everyone has the right to know what we’re feeding ourselves and our families, and that food should be great quality, real-food, which is why we don’t use any artificial colours, artificial flavours, or artificial preservatives in our products.

Explore the range

Now that you know what goes into our amazing nutritionally superior foods, why not check them out for yourself.

From our Original Protein Bread, to our Protein Pancakes, our Protein Cookies, or new Low Carb Crumb, we’ve got all your favourite foods, made better.

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