Corinne Cenere

Hello, I’m the Senior Graphic Designer here at PBCo., you’ve probably seen my name pop up a few times across social. In the same way our products are delicious and functional, I love creating aesthetically pleasing things that focus on user-ability, practicality and purpose.

Outside of the PBCo. headquarters, you’ll find me practicing my daily mediation in the gym, in the weight section with my hair in a top bun and my headphones blaring. If I’m not there, I’ll be at home cleaning (self confessed clean freak) or at night school learning something new – my current course is UX (user experience) design and I’m LOVING it. My weekends are completely filled with friends and family and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Corinne Cenere at the Gym

Corinne Cenere home grown fruit and veg

How I got started with low carb

I was lucky enough to be in a family that grew a lot of what we consumed. Almost all my veggies and fruits were from our backyard or my grandparents farm. I have vivid memories of walking through rows of fresh peas and eating straight from the plant, there was nothing better.

But my diet growing up was rather carb heavy, with homemade pasta and bread quite frequently on the menu. It wasn’t until my later teen years that I became interested in fitness, and after doing a City2Surf, I signed myself up to a gym.

It wasn’t too long before I saw/felt the effects it had on my body and more importantly my mind, and I was hooked, hitting the gym almost everyday. This is when I started learning more about how vital nutrition was to support my training goals, the power of macros and specifically, manipulating my carb intake.

Why I love low carb

While I don’t cut carbs out completely (because I believe they have their place), I generally stick to the lower end of the carb intake spectrum and mostly have them around training times. Using carbs in this way works best for me and my goals, it helps me recover after training and means I don’t feel sluggish throughout the day because of them.

Corinne-Cenere Platter

Corinne Cenere Dinner

My favourite PBCo. product

6 Seeds Protein Bread I love how quick and easy this is to make. I literally make it ‘while’ I’m doing something else and walk away until the oven goes off. Secondly, I love how meal prep friendly it is. I always portion my slices them into freezer bags, and before I run out the door in the morning, grab a bag to have as a snack with peanut butter at work – perfectly hits my macro count for a snack.

What inspires me to do what I do…

I love being apart of something that makes people feel great inside and out, and nourishes them to be the best they can be at all stages of their lives, for whatever goals they have. For me, knowing what we do is for the greater good of the community, is what gets me up each morning.

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