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Anna Hopkins

Hi! I’m the MD here at PBCo., which pretty much means I spend my days looking at everything we are doing across all departments, and working out how we can do it better or faster for you!

With a background in operations, I love creating the most efficient systems, as well as training and developing our team so we can deliver the absolute best products, in the most efficient way, to consumers around the world.

How I got started with low carb

In 2012 I was running my own cafe, in Darlinghurst, Sydney, as well as working as a Personal Trainer. I started to hear my PT clients talking about “Low Carb” as well as noticing cafe customers avoiding carb heavy foods such a bread and muffins. I did a little research online, and after reading a tonne of articles and stories, I decided to try low carb and see first hand just how good it was.

After just 2 weeks I was hooked! I had more energy than I’d had in years, my mind was razor sharp, and I even lost a few kg’s without even trying.

I really loved it, and felt amazing, however I had one small problem…. What to have for breakfast when I couldn’t have my beloved peanut butter toast!!! And that is the exact reason, I created Protein Bread, which grew into The Protein Bread Company, and now recently PBCo.

Why I love low carb

I love Low Carb because it helps me to feel my best. Before Low Carb, I really had no idea just how great my body could feel. I love feeling energetic, powering through the day, and not getting those 3pm slumps. I love staying in shape, without any hardcore workouts. I love eating Low Carb so I can have that extra glass of wine at dinner. I love that I very rarely get a cloudy or foggy mind. And more recently I love and appreciate Low Carb that little bit more as it helped me stay in shape, and feel strong, the whole way through my pregnancy. Now as a busy working Mum, I rely on my energy to be able to contribute my best at work, power through a few Bikram yoga sessions weekly as well as being the best Mum and partner.

My favourite PBCo. product

My favourite product is where it all began – Protein Bread. I do now love the 6 seeds version the best.

I love being able to have peanut butter toast every morning, with my coffee and feel amazing for it. Occasionally I’ll switch to butter & Vegemite. Sometimes I splash out and add some thin slices of fresh banana to my peanut butter, because I figure with all the carbs I’ve saved in the bread, I can have a tiny bit of Banana. Our toast fills me up without making me bloated, and powers me through my morning, I often don’t eat again until lunch at around 1pm. Ok so I sound WAY to passionate about toast, but hey, that’s honestly how much I love it.

What inspires me to do what I do…

I love creating products that make Low Carb Living easy & enjoyable.

It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to stay in shape and feel your best, and you definitely don’t have to “miss out”.

I get inspired by all the stories I read, from our audience, of people who have reduced carbs in their diet, and are now reaping the rewards. I know Low Carb works and everyday I think about ways to help more people experience these benefits.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

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