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Aaron Wallace


Hi, I’m Aaron and am the CEO of PBCo. I spend my days seeing our strategy implemented, working on the larger commercial contracts we have going and also ensuring that our finance and legal team have all the information and resources they need to support our bigger plans.

On a personal note, I’m a volunteer surf lifeguard, ocean swimmer (taken up after a few running injuries), love all things flying and reading a good book.

Aaron Wallace doing the Hounslow Classic

How I got started with low carb

I started low carb in 2013 when I had a business based near the Sydney Fish markets. My favourite lunch everyday was sashimi salmon or scallops with a seaweed salad. When I ate a sandwich or wrap instead, I would feel heavy and lethargic and crave an afternoon nap…It became obvious to me that eating carbs was slowing me down from what I wanted to achieve…

There is too much fun to be had to feel sluggish!

Why I love low carb

My body knows when it is eating well! Lots of meat and veggies along with our products keeps me going. I can always know that I will be on my game when I am eating well. There is so much I want to achieve and a low carb life supports me being able to do what I need to do.

Peanut butter and banana on Protein Bread

My favourite PBCo. product

My favourite product is our Protein Bread. I love starting the day with it toasted with extra butter, peanut butter, a drizzle of honey and sometimes banana on top… 3 or 4 slices is enough to get me through most of the morning and I love how I feel after eating it.

It’s something I eat for breakfast, before training or just as an all round snack…I can’t get enough of it, especially with a black coffee…

If I’m looking for snacks on the go, it has to be our Protein Cookies. I love making up up a batch of Cherry Ripe Cookies – Cherry Ripes being another treat that I used to love but these cookies beat them any day, and fill me up!

What inspires me to do what I do…

The inspiration that I get from doing what I do comes from how much better I feel. You don’t realise what better is until you have been there, just as you don’t realise how strong you are, either mentally or physically, until you have pushed yourself to the limit…

What we do helps change lives. I love that. I have seen family members lose 20 kg and be taken off diabetes and blood pressure medication because their body knows what healthy is again. You can’t beat that feeling of seeing someone come back to life again, full of energy and vitality.

I know that if we continue to create healthier versions of products that people love, we are going to impact many millions of people to make better food choices.


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