Amongst all the sugar-filled cereals on our supermarket shelves, there are the occasional good one. But I always get sick of them so quickly, and I find they’re usually quite bland. But, thankfully there are some easy, low carb breakfast options that don’t involve cereal! Have a look at the list below and hopefully you’ll get inspired to try a few for yourself.

Best Low Carb Breakfast Options

Low Carb Green-Smoothie

7. Smoothies

Smoothies have become a bit of a fad – but they can actually be really great if you use the right ingredients.

We wrote a blog on this great article about what to watch out for in your smoothies – take a look if you haven’t already.

Things to keep out of your smoothies:

  • Banana – well, not completely. But think about lowering the amount of banana you include, as it’s a high GI food, meaning it releases it’s energy really quickly, rather than giving you a sustained energy boost.
  • Yogurt – replace with coconut water! Much less fat but keeps it a bit creamy.
  • Mango – one of Australia’s favourite summer fruits, but has a very high sugar content.

Things to keep in your smoothies:

  • Anything green and leafy like spinach and kale
  • Avocado – makes it creamy without any bad fats
  • Raspberries – are really low in sugar, but still provide a lot of great flavour

Have a look at these few amazing recipes for green smoothies – Back on Track SmoothieStrawberry Ginger Zinger

Scrambled Eggs

6. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are the best – just whip up a few, add a splash of milk and seasoning and pour them into a pan. So easy!

They’re also great to add some of your favourite veggies to – tomato, spinach, kale, avocado… Whatever takes your fancy! Add a bit of fetta or bacon as well for some extra flavour.


5. Frittata

Easy peasy breakfast that you can make in advance – have it on toast or as a sandwich.

Check out our recipe for one here. Eggs are great as they just go with so much and add so much good stuff into your diet.

Did you know that some eggs contain all eight essential amino acids that we need in the diet?* But it depends on what the chickens ate before laying the eggs – so always read the carton and make sure you’re buying good quality eggs.


4. Chia Porridge

As an alternative to oat porridge, you can try a chia porridge.

It won’t get you the exact same thing as oat porridge but a great option for someone who follows a FODMAPS diet (you might still need to adjust this recipe depending on how sensitive you are) or if you’re gluten intolerant. Have a look at this delicious recipe by Oh She Glows.


3. Breakfast Bars

These are always such an easy option for a busy week.

Just bake a batch on the weekend and have them ready to grab in the morning. We have three great breakfast bar recipes for you to try – Dark Chocolate & Walnut – Pistachio and CranberryApple & Cinnamon


2. Protein Pancakes

Pancakes don’t just have to be a weekend treat – our Protein Pancakes have only 2.5g carbs per serve!

So you can enjoy a full pancake stack or just a few pikelets in a container on the go. They’re the perfect low carb breakfast that keeps you full for ages. We have a few topping recipes that you might like to try!

Protein Bread

1. Protein Bread

Can’t do without your toast for breakfast? We’ve got your back 😉

Protein Bread has only 1.7g carbs per serve (that’s 2 slices) – so there’s no more guilt! Enjoy toast with peanut butter again, a fresh sandwich for lunch, french toast on the weekends or croutons in your salad!

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