Are you looking to make a gluten-free cake for someone you love or perhaps yourself? Well…you’ve come to the right place.

We have 5 beautiful gluten-free cake recipes worthy of any birthday, high tea, office event, farewell or any event where you need a healthy, yet super delicious cake.

Not only are these cakes gluten free, but they are also low carb with no cake over 10g carbs per serve. These are the perfect cake for anyone wanting to cut back on sugar but still want to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Let’s get to it…

Butter Cake with Passionfruit Icing

PBCo. Butter Cake with Passionfruit frosting, low carb and gluten free

Carbs – 4g Fat 13g – Protein 5g

It’s always super handy to have a simple butter cake recipe up your sleeve in case people pop over.

Add this tangy and delightful passionfruit frosting and you have a gluten-free treat that will be sure to impress.

Apple & Cinnamon Teacake

PBCo. Apple and Cinnamon Tea cake served with cream

Carbs – 6g Fat 14g – Protein 6g

Nothing beats the aroma of an apple & cinnamon tea cake baking in the oven.

Gluten-free cakes have really come a long way, and with the added benefits of healthy, natural ingredients, this crowd-pleasing cake is the perfect addition to your next morning or afternoon tea spread.

Lemon Yoghurt Cake

PBCo. Low Carb GF Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Carbs – 5g Fat 13g – Protein 6g

No need to take out your beaters, as this is the simplest gluten-free lemon yoghurt cake you will ever make.

Inspired by the Italian Breakfast Cake or Ciambella – it’s a moist and tangy delight perfect for any occasion.

Black Forest Cake

PBCo. Low Carb Black Forest Cake - Slice of cake

Carbs – 9g Fat 14g – Protein 9g

This deliciously moist gluten-free Black Forest Cake brings together the decadent flavours of chocolate, cherries bursts and fresh cream in a beautiful cake perfect for your next birthday celebration.

Classic Chocolate Cake

PBCo. Low Carb Classic Chocolate cake with sprinkles

Carbs – 6g Fat 16g – Protein 6g

This one-bowl Chocolate Cake is super easy to make, gluten-free and will please any chocolate lover!

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🎂 Life is too short to say no to cake! 🎂

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